Raven Symone On Friend Lindsay Lohan

  • Anonymous

    i think she was talking about the vanity fair shoot they did together with hilary duff, the olsen twins, amanda bynes and mandy moore. and this roommate thing was prob wayyy back in the mean girls, that’s so raven days.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i remeber the vanity shoot the other chicks looked fake lol

    there personalitys are just alike soulful in stuff

  • jhondoe

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  • Anonymous

    I remember back when TRL was around on MTV, Raven was on there and she was Lindsay’s roommate at the time.

  • natjbguitargirl

    raven is cool stop hating

  • realistgangsta

    my bitch

  • partyindabaham

    it’s now!
    she’s skinny now

    look at her pics at some tinkerbell premiere, she still looks the same, but her legs are thin

  • born2behavegrl

    Raven looks so skinny in this.
    Is this now or before?

  • partyindabaham

    they lived together in 2002 till 2004. then lindsay moved out in the end of 2004 (that’s when she emerged in the LA party scene shit).

  • SparksFly

    wow didn’t know they ever lived together cool

  • Tina850

    raven symone and lindsay lohan r nobodies who cares about them? ewww:P

  • liiiiisa

    Lindsay Lohan is a nobody, and Justin Bieber is your icon… I think you have a couple of things wrong, my friend.

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  • Holly

    Since when are they friends?!

  • Anonymous

    They lived together in earlier years ‘ they we’re best friends.

  • lauriee

    i really miss the old lindsay she seemed so much more alive and cool back then

    but yea raven and lindsay met at the i think vanity fair photoshoot of the young hollywood stars cover story

    and raven lost alot of weight

  • liiiiisa

    It’s weird to think of Raven hanging with Lindsay Lohan, hahaha. I still think of her as Raven Baxter.

  • milenator

    I remember watching this E! story of Lindsay Lohan and they said her and Raven shared an apartment but Raven claim she never was really with her alot and Lohan never really paid the rent LoL
    I saw a pic of Raven and Linds next to each other from a photoshoot w/ a bunch of young hollywood star from like 2002 or 2003?
    probably when they met?

  • liam h sucks

    friends what i feel messed up in the head

  • never change

    i love that’s so raven