The Suite Life Movie Production Begins


Production will begin this month on the thrilling Disney Channel Original Movie comedy/ adventure ‘The Suite Life Movie,’ starring Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Brenda Song, Debby Ryan & Phill Lewis. The movie is set to premiere in 2011.

Cody and Zack Martin receive an opportunity to participate in the prestigious Gemini Project at a high-tech research center that studies dynamics between twins. Soon they find themselves connected in a way they’ve never been before:

When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too. While this newfound power helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it ultimately puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.


  • zebragiraffe

    i used to love them so much. :( now they really just seem lame.

  • jhondoe

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  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    sounds cool.

  • Anonymous

    How could they have put Ashley in SLOD??? The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was over. Ashley’s contract was over like everyone else’s. SLOD was a new show with new contracts. Ashley did not want to sign a contract to do that new show. Ashley had bigger and better things to do during those three years. Think of how much better she has done during that time and all the big hits she has been in since then. Oh, her music career also and now Hellcats. Perhaps Brenda should have done like Ashley if she had the opportunities.

  • Anonymous

    Your right. They have been acting since they were babies. They probably want a break and a normal life for a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    ahaha cole does look hot. If you look from the vest upwards. Those short hahaha

    I really think they’re great. I hope they get another show, or go into presenting or something :) I’d hate for them to just disappear

  • Anonymous

    oh dear lord, there’s a film now! :|

  • realistgangsta

    no get out of there will you still can

  • mamalicious

    cole looks hot in this picture, i don’t even know why?! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t waitttt!
    I love Dylan and Cole :-)
    It would be even better if Ashley Tisdale and all the other characters in the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody were in this movie! <3

  • xO…HeartsOverTheIs…xO

    thiss makees me happyy!!

  • Anonymous


  • natjbguitargirl

    nooo i like the actors but not the show sometimes they have dumb storylines

  • Nat

    The storyline tbh sounds dumb, i hope theres some cailey, maybe Zack will see what Baile y is like and fall for her haha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    they really need to come out as incestuous gays.. they’d be so famous. sadly, they’ll never admit it.

  • emmbugg

    ooh they should of put Ashley Tisdale instead.
    i missss her in the show. :'[
    Debby sucks.

  • okGo

    OMFG i’m actually so excited !

  • okGo

    OMFG i’m actually so excited !

  • ourxtrvggih

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  • milenator

    suite life is like the best
    Suite life and Hannah are like the only best series on Disney Channel IMO
    I thought suite life was done w/ just the series
    looks like theres still more

    also I think Maddie could be in the movie and also maybe the twin’s mom(Carey)

  • Anjhanee

    NEW COVER UP!! ‘Let’s Be Friends’ by Emily O check it out please! RT?

  • Anonymous

    It should be illegal for him to wear those shorts :-/

  • Anonymous

    the sprouse twins are going to college,
    that is why they are ending the suite
    life. i like that they are like normal
    guys and want to go to college, and i cant
    wait to see what they have in store for
    us when they finish, maybe more serious
    movie roles or something off of disney?
    i mean they have the talent for it!

  • WhoXOwnsMyHeart

    They honestly need to get a life…how long have they been on disney? what will they do, stay on there forever?!

  • strwaberrypiewithcream

    I heard they’ll go to the NYU next fall..

  • mileyluver15

    when suite life is over whats gonna happen to them? :(

  • staygold

    i love suite life:D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • mileyluver15

    hmm cool

  • Anonymous


  • marissababyxo

    Yay I love suite life & I’m rlly sad that there won’t be another season, but at least we’ll have a movie to look forward to. :)

    Im bored. Ask me questions please!

  • taylorllama

    That sounds interesting.
    I hope this turns out good!

  • Anonymous

    okay suite life is like the longest running show ever. I kinda think it’s time to move on Sprouse twins…pull a Miley or something. Because that worked out SO well for her -.- OMG screw Disney.