Taylor Momsen FASHION LINE Preview

  • zebragiraffe


  • Anonymous

    Why the hell does she have panda eyes ?

  • Yaman

    I’ll say this again:

    ”What has this world come to, being overly sexualized & vanity obsessed & materialistic at such a young age (AND YES IT IS BLOODY YOUNG, AND NO DO NOT TELL ME ”OOO, ALL THE TEENAGERS ARE DOING IT” OR SOMETHING SILLY A LONG THOSE LINES. Where have all the principles & morals & dignity gone? Hmm but then again can I REALLY blame you people entirely? I think it’s down to the subtly messages the shows, music etc are sending. Bless you all.”

  • Anonymous

    If Taylor really wants to be a rebel she can join the Communist Party. Until then I don’t want to hear from her.

  • Anonymous69

    welcome to the new era!!!

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty ! and i loved the clothesss!

  • Phantom-Writer

    Well let’s put it this way… though in pictures and written interviews she seems like an ass… She really just comes off as someone socially maladjusted…

  • oceanUP.

    Oh man! She sounded so nervous! :x

  • JBeezyDreezy

    ew ewww eww eww that lil bitch!!! D:

  • sophieee

    i like the clothes…
    but i probably wont buy them…
    i dont really buy at Macy’s

  • taylorllama

    I love her line! I like girly retro except for the back of the sweater I would’ve bought that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why everybody tell that she is a slut !?
    She’s very nice and I’m the fan #1 of The Pretty Reckless :)
    Taylor is so pretty and very talented.

  • never change

    i like how she stay’s true to herself and not fake like some celeberties

  • Anonymousghfh

    she doesn’t need holy water.. it’s not a sin to be yourself!

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY want to give her some eye makeup remover. And I’ll add some holy water in with it. LOL. Lourdes has a lot better fashion sense.

  • mileyluver15

    haha the guyy was like wow alittle risky im sure he wanted to say more like thats really bad for a 17 year old to do lol but the lady was like okay skip

  • mileyluver15

    i would like her if she just smiled in fan photos. that just makes me upset