Jonnie & Brookie THE CLIMB Fundraiser

Hey everyone! This video is a special video for all the amazing kids at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. We are using this video as a fundraiser and we need your help! For every view up to 100,000 views, one penny will be donated! So lets get as many views as we can! You can also donate to Phoenix Children’s Hospital at

Share it with all your friends and family! Check out the video and find out more information at the end about the fundraiser and how you can get involved! We love you! Jonnie and Brookie

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? One penny? Even if they got 10 million views they would be giving a $1.

    someone fire this girl’s math teacher, ASAP.

    if they get 100,000 views, that’s 1000 dollars. but i’m really glad you can count, sweetheart.
    a million views would be 10,000 dollars, and 10 million views would be 100,000 dollars.

    wtf do kids learn these days?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, how did you answer the math question at the bottom of the captcha. Did you notice the part where you could donate. Are you that heartless?

  • Anonymous

    Honey, there are 100 pennies in a dollar. If they got 100,000 views they’d give $1,000.

  • wtfbecca

    Seriously? One penny? Even if they got 10 million views they would be giving a $1.

  • munxwyksgr

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  • Anonymous

    um are you kidding? one penny for every 100,000 views….
    it should be at least $10 or $20 if they really want to try making a difference. Or atleast $1 for every 1,000….

  • hello

    Nice to see our public school system is working. One penny for every view is $1000.

  • lifelearnlove

    Good for you guys, we need more people like you girls :) amazing singing NEVER STOP you are true role models

  • iusedtobelovedrunk

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