Ali Lohan SEXY 6126 MODEL

Ali Lohan posing for Lindsay’s 6126 spring/ summer campaign. Credit: Us.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah well…

  • anotherone

    Ali has a beautiful face and figure,
    probably even prettier than lovely Lindsay.

  • luckze
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  • lolli.

    WOW … blah the photos

  • Anonymous

    too much photoshop. they changed her proportions, look at her pics visiting jail, she looks better than these. What’s with the photographer doing only one or two looks, in her older modeling shoots she does lots of different looks. Ali’s body is amazing.

  • sophieee

    cant stand her.



  • Dumaaa ?

    What a whore. (;

  • Recidivist

    She is not a talented model. In all the pics she has the same expression and her face is turned the same way.. She has no variety in her poses.

  • mileycrush

    she’s so pretty, i dont like her, but she’s not a whore. wtff dummaa lmfao

  • ThatEffySmile

    i thought that was Emma Watson for a minute!

  • GabriellaS