Amy Colalella RIGHT HERE Miley Cover

Thx @amyrcola. Read about her experience HERE!


    you’re amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    She is very talented but I don’t feel this song was right for her. She doesnt change the tone of her voice through the whole song and if you listen to Miley’s version its so different.

  • Anonymous

    so good i love amy!

  • Anonymous

    yayy Amy! Love the song, definately worth the wait! Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! She has a really good voice! I really like what they did with the song. That’s such an amazing experience too :)

  • realistgangsta


  • NadiaAf23

    I love you Amy! Been a fan since you started your youtube page girl! Don’t forget us little people when you are big and famous!

  • oceanUP.

    Soooo talented!

  • Anonymous

    she’s amazing. she deserved to win. love you, Amy. :}