Surprise number one: When ever i tweet ‘FREE HUGS’.. the FIRST person who tweets ‘FREE HUGS’ back to me will get to video chat me sometime next week.. I will be doing this for 7 days.. so there will be more than one winner.. more surprises to come.. i love you guys!

Tomorrow from 11:30 to 1:30 Ariana will be at Chili’s in Encino for Chili’s Create a Pepper Campaign. 100% of Chili’s proceeds will be donated to St. Jude on the 27th. You can make donations @

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    love her. (:

  • Anonymous

    1 more time.. Who is she?

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    1 more time.. Who is she?

    ariana grande. from the nickelodeon show, victorious.

  • Diamondback

    That’s really cool of her :)

  • Arianafan222

    why doesn’t ariana have her own oceanup category on the right yet???? it’s time!

  • James

    She probably took it down cause it looks as though she’s wearing a bikini and got some…less then appropriate comments about it

  • Anonymous

    im 5 mintes walking. from that chillis! aasfljsdlfjsladkfjsl. but i don’t wanna pay to eat, so what to doooooo??

  • never change


  • yesaella

    check out these two awesome vids[; my sis: &+my friend:

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  • never change

    her red hair is so awesome

  • copymonster

    I’m kinda excited !

  • suzii18023

    I LOVE HER<333333(: lol

  • suzii18023

    video wont play for me :p

  • never change

    video won’t play for me either

  • _herecomestrouble.


  • SellyismygirlCrush


  • Anonymous

    That’s so sweet of her!
    She’s ridiculously pretty too…
    She actually looks like one of my friends that all my guy friends are obsessed with haha

  • never change

    i love the show victorious

  • heartinvasion?

    Is this Ariana’s video? If it is, she deleted it -_-

  • Anonymous

    does this scream famewhore to any of you? seems like all eeryone does is bash on jona for the littlest things but be blind to almost everyone else

    shes so pretty though:)