My Camp Rock 2 Italy WINNER Arianna

From @CordoniSara: The winner of’My Camp Rock 2′ Italy is Arianna Costantin and she sang an amazing song from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, ‘It’s Not Too late’. Chloe Bridges was one of the five judges! She was so nice and sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Arianna:D:D after HP I was so in love with that name:D:D and in my opinion even i can sing better..sorriez

  • Anonymous

    I have listen to her singing live..
    she’s simply amazing
    while she was singing I had shivers!
    Her voice is so powerful that it really leaves you with no words to describe what you’re feeling

  • Anonymous

    I hate her! She can’t sing so well, in my opinion, she’s only pretty and really really vain!! The other singer Erika was absolutely better!!

  • Anonymous


  • Mahima

    OH MY GOSH! me too, i always wanted to name my daughter after dumbledore’s sister.

  • cantbetamed1

    I love the name Arianna :) First heard it in Harry Potter.

  • suzii18023

    she sings good

  • Anonymous

    i’m italian! arianna is simply amazing


    wait……is she italian she soundss soo american hahahahahah =)

  • Anonymous

    i think she can sing in a very good way …and also she has gorgeous light sky eyes :)