Taylor Swift 21ST BIRTHDAY BASH?

  • luckze
  • Stevi Kaye

    since this is all about Taylor.

    Carrie you look beautiful and you have an amazing voice. keep it up. :)
    Mike is a lucky man.

  • Anonymous

    Shes a moron

  • GabriellaS

    Shes a moron

    No, thats you




  • Anonymous

    @gabriellaS no thats obviously you since you like her

  • Anonymous

    are we sure Taylor is turning 21 because thats a very adult age and she acts more like a 5 year old whining child on a daily basis… my god shes annoying

  • Mahima

    i was more excited for carrie’s news than taylor’s.

  • Anonymous

    about time. it was so rude of kanye but she really shouldve been more mature, taylor stans,if this was an other celeb and they hadnt moved on from an incident like this, you would be saying the exact same thing i am

  • Anonymous

    she’s 21 and she’s still singing about boys and heartbreak?
    grow up.

  • Anonymous

    there’s more to life than boys and love and heartbreak

    if she’s such a good songwriter she should write about other stuff

    she says that she speaks for all the girls but most of her songs end up with her getting the guy. not all girls can do that. not all girls can get the guy like she can.

  • suzii18023

    i love her yellow dress<3(:

  • Anonymous

    Love Taylor. <3

  • Anonymous

    Because other artists past 21 don’t sing about boys and heartbreak?

    Give me a break, every bashes Taylor for writing love songs but thats because she says she mostly writes love songs. If she hadn’t no one would complain.

    Every artist out there sings about love and heartache, besides its better than drugs and sex like all rap.

    Get a new line hater.

  • Anonymous

    Um, Did Carrie copy Taylor by singing a song about her mother? I beleive she did.

  • GabriellaS

    Love Taylor !!

  • Anonymous!


  • christina

    forget taylor swift

  • fearless now

    always classy taylor, always…

  • Anonymous


  • realistgangsta

    love carrie hate taylor

  • gottalent

    Hoped she enjoyed her shit.

  • Anonymous

    Um she should have been over the Kanye inncident so long ago just like she shouldnt have dissed Joe Jonas on SNL more then a year after their break up it just shows how immature she actually is… PS Kanyes song was better Taylor yours SUCKED

  • Anonymous

    You’re fucking retarded. First off, on SNL she was making fun of the situation, and if you couldn’t see that or find it funny then I repeat you are retarded! And Joe shouldn’t be mocking Taylor in concert, that shows how immature he is. Second of all, if Kanye’s song was better than Taylor’s, you are past retarded. You are deaf, retarded, blind, and stupid.

  • Anonymous