Nicole Anderson Runway Magazine Party


Nicole & Cassie Scerbo @ Runway Fall 2010 Issue Party @ The Colony LA.

  • never change


  • Srahx3

    I love that girl so friggen much seriously <3<3$
    please follow if you're a nicole fan

    and please watch and comment this vid:: Me Singing ”Wouldn’t Change A Thing”, Watch&COMMENT

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  • luckze
  • Anonymous

    don’t like the bangs
    and she got a lil chubby
    her face is so cute tho

  • RiNiO

    shane said:

    she looks so pretty and hot! she deserve to have her own page OU! she’s more popular than other celebs that you keep on posting!
    Hell yeah!!! I totally agree!!!!

  • Anonymous

    nicole is classy.. this is what i want to see more of…

  • suzii18023

    there both gorgeous<3

  • taylorllama

    cute <3

  • Anonymous

    i like how she is there with cassie, since they are both on the show make it or break it.

  • rhtrwekz

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  • Anonymous

    nicole is so lovely!

  • LeatherStuddedKiss22

    i wont say anything negative… i wont say anything…..

  • jessica effect

    agreeeeeeed, guh.

  • ana

    so fab so gorgeous Nicole! prettiest disney star.

  • shane

    she looks so pretty and hot! she deserve to have her own page OU! she’s more popular than other celebs that you keep on posting!

  • Anonymous

    shes beautiful and seems so sweet… nick should go for her.. i also love her hair.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so cute!!(:

  • Alex Greene

    she’s so cute <3

  • Alex Greene

    she’s so cute <3

  • RiNiO

    Yes yes yes yes yes and yes !!! Finally a Nicole post!!! And shes is sooooooooooooooooooo prettttttttttttyyyyyy!!!!
    TeamNicole!!! Yay

  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty<3