Vendela It’s Not Too Late My Camp Rock 2

Dutch My Camp Rock 2 winner.

  • LittleCookie

    she’s goooood!

  • misscherie13

    don’t know but she reminds me hilary duff for her face a lot!

  • Srahx3

    Me Singing ”Wouldn’t Change A Thing”, Watch&COMMENT

  • Anonymous

    1. She is NOT dutch, she’s Swedish :) 2. Vendela won? Hm… Had no idea. I thought they would announce the winner October 1? :| Oh well…

  • luckze
  • Ziegler

    It’s the scandivic “My Camp Rock”, and the winner haven’t been picked yet. That’s a do-over OU.

  • Dee

    whahaha, no she ain’t dutch.
    i’m dutch and i saw those subtitles in the beginning and i was like : ‘since when is dutch so hard to understand?’

  • chan

    this isn’t the dutch winner we got two girls that won

  • linda

    shes from sweden, not deutschland! ;)

  • Anonymous

    She’s not the dutch winner?
    That was those 2 girls…i don’t know their name anymore but anyway she’s not the winner.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not Dutch!

  • Anonymous

    She’s way way waaaayy better than the dutch winners, lol.

    / coming from a dutch girl.

  • riaanneee

    Ahaha This isn’t the Dutch one, this was better :D

    i’m dutch^^

  • never change


  • Emily Jonas

    She’s from Sweden, Scandinavia! She’s not dutch…

    And the winner from Scandinavia isn’t even annonced yet. So HUGE FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    There’s is a difference between Swedish and Dutch, guess you don’t know that, oceanup.
    FAIL. xd

  • Kirintaku

    This is not the Dutch one. And it’s not sure that she has won yet. But I think she will win though. She was absoutely best!

  • sophieee


  • jessica effect



    who currrrres. but, no really..

    who even cares about this post.

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Eh….does anyone give a fuck? no. -_-

  • Anonymous18


  • Maddie

    Sweden my camp rock 2… :D

  • Anonymous

    she is swedish hahaha

  • Anonymous

    This is not the dutch one. :P

  • Vpersson

    It’s actually the Scandinavic My camp rock 2 ;)