Bieber Taking Jasmine Villegas To Hawaii


Justin Bieber is taking his rumored girlfriend heartbreaker Jasmine V. to Hawaii with him when he plays a series of shows there. An insider revealed: ‘She was supposed to be left off the upcoming Hawaii concerts.

But Justin wanted her there, so he made it happen.‘ Justin is making sure that she gets paid for extra performances and he will also have time to hang out on the beach with her.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    i really like her and him but to be completly honest im kinda jelly :P wish it was me he liked

    i believe that every fan is jelious

  • IrmaStiletto

    The fuck? He’s a little young to bring his gf along with him… :/

  • SexyBunny

    I feel bad for Jasmine, I have a feeling she’s literally going to get murdered by his fans.

  • thedarksunshine

    awh.. how sweet of him…?

  • Ashton

    Bitch. Hmpfff. I Dunn like her. He’s mine. <3 and dont go all stfu and stuff on me. Its a site that you post your comments about how you feel. My opinion.

  • valentina

    hahahahahahahahahha your post made my day lol

  • NickJistheSexX
  • NickJistheSexX
  • Jenika4eva

    i feel that fame changed justin in sooo many ways

  • HisFavoriteGirl

    I live in Hawaii ;) I hope I see Justin . Ugh , I wish that Jasmine girl wasn’t being brought along . She sucks at singing .

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    Ummm, Yeah… Who Cares?

  • suzii18023


  • NickJistheSexX


  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t suck at singing.

  • PrettyYoungThing

    .. Does anyone actually care?

  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    bow chika wow wowwwwwwww.

  • CaitieMinaj

    isn’t she his opening act? even if she wasn’t suppose to perform i’m sure she’d still wanna be apart of the show. who care’s anyways?

  • Anonymous

    this is fucking bullshit. i dont have anything against justin having a girlfriend but seriously, JASMINE VILLEGAS!? fucking slut and a half.

  • bluesfan3410

    I love Hawaii..

  • NickJistheSexX
  • mileyluver15

    i knew they were dating.

  • Anonymous

    how many say jasmines only in it for fame and money? whatever bieber

  • Anonymous

    and to think i was gonna go to that concert . no point now .

  • Anonymous

    i am soooooo jealous of jasmine but i wish her and justin all the best <3

  • mrs.bieber

    i really love justin soooo much so this kinda makes me jealous but i wish him and jasmine all the best :)

  • sara

    he is fugly and dating someone that just fugly as him

  • JoBieber

    well I think they shouldnt date they loook better as friends :) but if he is happy with her im ok with that ?

    follow @johanaatl

  • Mafer Rodríguez-Lee


  • Anonymous

    i couldnt agree more. not only a slut and a half, a talentless slut and a half. shes pretty and seems like a good dancer but she cannot sing live. at all.

  • Anonymous

    i couldnt agree more. not only a slut and a half, a talentless slut and a half. shes pretty and seems like a good dancer but she cannot sing live. at all.

  • hottiegirl


  • natjbguitargirl

    ha sure the fans would try to sabatodge them but their cute together

  • Anonymous

    Jasmine you bad guuuuuuuurl ;) if that Bieber kid only knew… muahahahaha


  • Anonymous

    thats bat shit who cares. not me

  • Anonymous

    what a noob

  • xxbehappyxx


  • xxbehappyxx

    I <3 u JUSTIN!!!! you and jasmine shoukd date! :)

  • K-Swagger

    awww…i guess anyway off topic but who thinks that kel mitchell should host SNL

  • Anonymous

    AWWWW!! awww cute….*eye twitch*

  • Marjorie :)

    I live on Waipahu,Hawaii & me & my bff’s are kinah jealous but if he wants to bring her then ok , but id feel a little bad but its ok :)

  • Dinoluverrr

    I hope there dateing! They make such a cute couple(:
    Justins hot & Jasmine beautiful…pefect couple! Jasmine seems really nice & down to earth but I am jeloues she gets to kiss Justin x)

  • christmascash

    Honestly, fans that are overly obsessive make me ashamed to be a Justin Bieber fan.

    Justin can date whoever he pleases.

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha looking at these comments make me laugh but ashamed to be a bieber fan. Like seriously, one he’s not your “man”, two its his life why the hell should you care? Deal with ur own problems, and three, how can you hate someone(jasmine) when u don’t even know her? You all obsessive girls need to cool your balls!!!! :)
    But my best friend met jasmine and I actually know her ex bf and yes, their still friends, and they said she super nice. So don’t judge when u don’t even know them, and do what God wants u to do: love your neighbors and do unto other what u would want them to do unto you. Okay, I’m done with my opinon :) Deuces!!

  • Anonymous

    he is gorgeous in a girly way. but he’s friggin pretty/cute. i don’t get the people saying he’s ugly.

  • smilerbelieber

    omg that girl jasmine villegas is so annoying. i hate her. i mean i don’t hate her cause she’s ”dating” justin, it’s just that i’ve never liked her and she cant sing. she sucks. kbye


    justin is gorgeous in a manly way. i mean boyish way hahah.

    he is not ugly, u cant fucking deny that.

    i wish him all the best.

  • Anonymous

    i hate looking at this picture it shows what i dont have :(

  • Anonymous

    if they ARE dating (not for sure cuz no one REALLY knows) that sucks bc she’s USING him but hey its his choice, he will find out sooner or later, that she is just using him, NO ONE knew about her till justin came along but it should have stayed that way. Shes pretty yes but she shouldnt use justin its wrong. & 10 to 1 she knows he will do anything for her, she’s like one of those girls who marry a rich old man for their money, but they are younger versions and not getting married, i just hope he comes to his senses and listen to pattie, yep thats right Pattie doesnt like her either so its okay we arent the only ones, Pattie knows whats up!

  • Anonymous

    She CAN’T sing! Just a pretty face & nice body that’s all. -.- I truly think Justin isn’t as sweet as he tries to pretend & I’m pretty damn sure he’s getting some ass. I also think that 97% of his ‘beliebers’ are fucking looneys! The majority of them should be in therapy or a self hugging jacket. Justin knows his fans are annoying but he’s not in charge of their insane emotions towards him but I believe he should grow a pair & be honest. Jasmine CAN’T SING so I know shes just there for when he needs “it”.

  • Anonymous

    See me care *_*

  • Anonymous

    yeah whatever..sometimes oceanup just tells us CRAP ..
    but yeah if it is real..
    i heard she is having concerts too in

  • BangBang

    Oh Hawaï , I would also date him if I knew he would take me to Hawaï haha! Just kidding. But no I don’t really care who he dates. But uhm the fact that she’s opening for him isn’t a problem but gosh she isn’t really good live…

  • secret

    pefect couple! Jasmine seems really nice & down to earth but I am jeloues she gets to kiss Justin x)

  • never change

    so what

  • suckit

    i don’t give a crap about who justin dates or goes on vacation with. so i’ll leave this post peacefully

  • Anonymous

    i really like her and him but to be completly honest im kinda jelly :P wish it was me he liked

  • Anonymous

    Check out my friend Kyla singing…just looking for thoughts and some constructive criticism. =] Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha!! Bieber’s fans are fucking annoying! I’m glad he admits that. i like him even more now :)

  • Anonymous

    Well we no wht they are going to be doin BOW CHICK BOW WOW CHICK BOW WOW :) Anyway no one likes bieber except for the girls who think he has been single 4 all this time when all along he has been dating a chick who wuz a model AND NOT CAITLIN some other girl on the DL so there problem he also said on an ichat that his fans r f-king annoying and he quoted “sometimes i f-kin hate them” sooo yea keep beliven beliebers


    your not perez OU. you cant copy him and cross words out and write something else. it doesnt work like that. MAKE SOMETHING ELSE UP.

  • Anonymous

    pretty soon she will be buying maternity clothes and justin will be in court going for a a paternity test. come to find out justin cant be the father because justin is actually a woman.

  • nickjjismyhusband

    justin + jasmine= KICK-ASS COUPLE.! <3

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  • xxloverxx


  • Anonymous

    Let the preteens start calling this girl they don’t even know horrible mean names…then cry themselves to sleep…