Bill & Tom Kaulitz ITALIAN VOGUE Shoot

More screenshot pix @ ONTD.

  • HeyHazy

    They’d look way hotter in my bed, both of ‘em ;D

  • Jessica

    OHMYGOSH, they are soo fucking sexxy, i love them so much and i always will, tokio hotel is the best bands ever. i love them so much.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you. :)

    TOM is HOT ! xP

  • Anonymous

    I love them:)

  • Lizzie

    TOM IS SO HOT !! and I love Tokio Hotel .. the best group os the WORLD yeah ! :)

  • Anonymous

    Fake and gay.

  • Anonymous

    BILL is gorgeous! <3

  • Anonymous

    Bill is SO GAY!

  • Marce

    OMG, the hottest.

  • Anonymous

    Bill and Tom Kaulitz are the hottest twins ALIVE ! Whats up with Bill’s hair though ? But he’s still hot…so is Tom =)

  • Jerry

    Only a few ignorant, immature comments so far.

    That’s pretty good for this site!

  • Anonymous


  • cjfxufpal

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  • Anonymous

    Jerry, it’s because they are amazing and people remain with no words:)

  • Anonymous

    bill is so fierce

  • Jaymee__x

    No. Just No.

  • PullTheTrigger

    How did I miss this!? YEEEESSS.

  • PullTheTrigger
  • LibertyMiley_

    Eww..really ugly girls :L

  • Anonymous

    it really sounded like “im about to cum”
    and the way he sang it… lol i love them tho =)

  • Anonymou

    Echt nett junge Bill+Tom Kaulitz und toll toll toll Typ !!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow… these guys are SO good looking! Not a fan but hey, you gotta recognize something that HOT when you see it :D

  • pearlshine


  • adriana

    My favourite twins!

  • Anonymous

    sexy hexy ;)

  • Anonymous

    amazing ^^

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hottest Twins in the world!

  • ana

    In my bed, NOW!

  • Nicole

    Hottest Twins in the world!

  • Anonymous