AJ Michalka & New Boyfriend Hit Katsuya


AJ Michalka & new boyfriend out to dinner @ Katsuya in LA. PacificCoastNews.

  • Spider

    he’s kind of an ugly person

  • _liesyoutold


  • Anonymous

    She needs to get back with Joe !

    i think she and Joe should get back together too.

  • Anonymous

    Okayyy….really ??? -_-

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry but her boyfriend looks like her dad

  • springstrawberry

    Anonymous said:

    i’m sorry but her boyfriend looks like her dad



  • Sophia

    guys stop judging seriously…u dont even know him! And obviously AJ is happy and if u cared one bit about her u wouldn’t be saying rude things about her bf.

  • HisFavoriteGirl

    He’s really , REALLY old looking :P

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    his name is ryan blair and hes RICHHH. lol
    but i think he looks too hold for her.

  • DignityWithLove

    He’s ugly poor AJ, i think she and Joe should get back together too.

  • Anonymous

    yay i love aj! but he looks super old. they totally don’t look like they go together. haha

  • Anonymous

    oh i thought she was dating that other guy (the younger one, i forgot his name)..
    well interesting.. good luck to her

  • Ashley

    awww, but she and Bennett were so cute. (Bennett was his name for whoever was asking). I guess whatever makes her happy. snaps for AJ. <3

  • SunLight Princess

    He looks OLD.

  • you dont need to know

    i love that she’s happy..ive always said shes happy im happy…but i can see how the age difference can be kind of concerning

  • DelilaMars

    She’s uggly!

  • Anonymous

    He looks to old for her

  • Anonymous

    She needs to get back with Joe !

  • Anonymous

    Love Joe but we all have to admit he does seems a bit immature in the relationship department. Probably best for AJ to be dating someone a bit older and non famous so they can actually enjoy dating without all the crazy fans hating on her.

  • WhoXOwnsMyHeart

    ummm I know age doesn’t matter and whatever, blah blah blah but… ew HES OLD! well..he looks old! haha

  • never change

    he’s tall

  • Linn

    So do I. They’re like the cutest couple <3

  • 3r3smis0l

    umm yea i think he looks old

    I mean at least he can comb his hair or something..

    not cute at all

  • Anonymous

    Look him up- he’s super rich!!

  • tkanmftuufl

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    She needs to get back with Joe !

    I agree

  • KristinaMarie559

    He looks like her dad.
    o_o whatever makes her happy…


    He looks really tall.

  • itsmileybest

    Is cute but… seems too old =/ hahaha

  • bananapancakesplease

    FIRST!!!! :D

  • bananapancakesplease

    What’s up with the sudden amount of reports? haha.

  • bananapancakesplease

    Well, news and reports are relative terms. I mean, who honestly gives a flying fuck if Taylor gets espresso in Paris or not? But Aj and her new beau is cool :)

  • bananapancakesplease

    Ew. He’s old. Wtf AJ?

  • Anonymous

    hes ugly.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    I’m listening to aly and aj christmas songs. I can’t wait for the holidays.

  • Anonymous

    I love her :)