Cody Simpson Love So Strong New Song

YIYI under!

  • Cant Be Tamed xD

    I can’t believe HE’S 13! :O

  • Anonymous

    yeah people shuld just give him a chance, he’s not justin & justins not him.

  • Anonymous

    LOVEEEE cody!

  • Anonymous

    HATEEEE cody!

  • yourock

    mmm it’s okay

  • Gabyy

    it kind of sounds the chorus like high school musical’s ‘you are the music in me’, in the part they sing ‘your harmony, the melody’… and kind of please be mine too. ‘they come and go’… or i’m just confused. :/ idk.

  • HisFavoriteGirl

    He’s good . Too bad he got noticed like right after Justin Bieber & most people will automatically compare the 2 or / & won’t even give him a chance .

  • Tammie

    he sounds like Justin Bieber in some notes

  • Anonymous

    Give him a chance…

  • Anonymous

    he’s pretty good

  • Anonymous

    hes so cute? but this song souds just like something ive heard. i just cant think of the specific song though lol

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HIM =)
    and i don’t care what you think!