Emily Osment Love Sick GOOD DAY NY

  • Anonymous

    they shouldn’t of brought her brother up at all. that was terrible. her face dropped.

  • _liesyoutold

    She’s really good, I just wish she sang a different song.

  • Anonymous

    I saw her cd in the store today.
    in Hong Kong.
    its already out.

  • sara12

    was that a joke? the band wasnt even playing…. wow.

  • Jenn

    i think shes always gonna be tied to either her brother or hannah montanna which is kind of sad.
    i really don’t understand why everyone is saying it was a bad song to perform, it was actually pretty good consider it was so electronic.

  • Anonymous

    emily is so much better than selena she can actually sing selena sucks at singing they should had promoted emily.

  • Anonymous

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  • puppy12

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  • Moonbeam

    That song is just not suited to be performed live. Ever.
    I wonder what happened to her Indie Rock style? Why did she go all Ke$ha on us?

    I love Marisol, the Cycle and Truth or Dare on her new album, though.


  • sinnerxo

    I love her! She’s great :)

  • lovato is love.

    i love her :D

  • liiiiisa

    Wow, I expected her to completely suck, but that was actually pretty good. She reminds me of AJ Michalka.

  • wtfbecca

    wtf was that? I love her but auto tune does not do good things for her voice. : /

  • Anonymous

    FIRST BITCHESSSS. i can’t decide if she’s good or not.

  • Anonymous

    first mofos

  • Anonymous


  • wtfbecca

    I never really got all the excitement about being first.

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    Fail! Nobody cares.

  • Anonymous

    you do, since you’re commenting

    and she doesn’t fail and I LOVE HER!

  • wtfbecca

    Fail! Nobody cares.


    Obviously, you do. Now please, GTFO.

  • Voice of reason

    Well atleast she doesn’t live in Hayley’s shaddow anymore.

  • cam

    i didn’t know she had a famous bother. -whispering- i don’t know him. i love her music but it wasn’t her best performence.