• hengtian123
  • wakaawaka (:

    AWWW sterling <3 hahah qe HERMOSOO *-* yo lo amoo?

  • Anonymous

    Demi I love you and I love ur songs!
    Demi I love you and I love ur songs!
    Demi I love you and I love ur songs!
    Demi I love you and I love ur songs!

    Argentina loves you ?


    I love bothh of the songs! (: I love sonny with a chance and Demi Lovato! :D

  • banggoodv

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  • unique

    demi all the way!! <3

  • itsroisi

    Aww, Sterlight’s songs are great, but nothing like Demi’s songs *.*

  • Anonymous

    I hate demi so much like gosh holy shit she can’t sing for shit!!! NO OFFENSE more like sterling sounds better than her. even my grandma can sing better!! :)

  • Anonymous

    demi’s also but not that much, still love demi !

  • DemiisGreat

    Are you kidding ME ?!
    Demi is an awesome singer.
    Studio or Live version.

  • AllisynArm<3

    They seem catchy.
    I like Sterling’s songs. They are not the greatest songs, but they are still good. I think they will be fun songs to sing to and such.
    Can’t wait to get this CD. :)

  • Anonymous

    when is she singing this on SWAC?

  • tamires


  • Anonymous

    luv demi luv sterling thy make a cute couple
    n luve the songs !!! awsum
    luv SWAC aamaazing show

  • Anonymous


  • harrypotterbitches

    I lurrrrve Demi’s song!

  • Libelinha

    “What To Do” is my favorite song of SWAC soundtrack. The lyrics are beautiful, Demi voice sounds so professional there, and there’s no autotune (completely unnecessary in her case), thank God!
    I was expecting cheesier songs cause it’s Disney, but actually all of them are pretty good.

  • unique

    Oh yeah, love the song, DAMAZING!!

  • Anonymous

    omg i love demi’s song :)

  • Anonymous

    For anonymous, wow, she can’t sing? yOU’RE SO STUPID

  • xafranbix

    awww sterling <3

  • m

    hanging is good!

  • Anonymous

    the song is pretty good….random but demi used to creep on oceanup wonder if she still does? hmmm lmao

  • Love_JaJ_2

    I LOVE THIS SONG SOO MUCH!! go dem dem! ;)

    lmao…biggest demi stan here. :D

  • lovato is love.

    looove her, and the song.<3

  • never change

    i love demi’s song

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

    1+3= 4


  • Anonymous

    demiiiis song is amazzzing <3

  • Anonymous

    demiiiis song is amazzzing <3