Demi Lovato The Autumn Party Interview

JMAN Tweeted a new pic w/ Demi.

  • DemiRULES<3

    OMG..SHE IS AMAZINGG….SHE IS one can be like her…like stinging, lip singing gurl Selena Gomez..WHO IS SUCH A FUCKED UP PERSON..AND FAKE..SERIOUSLY??!!! DEMI IS THE BESTT <3

  • adw014

    Awh That Picture w/ Her and Jman is soooo Cute ; )

  • Anonymous

    OK I know they broke up months ago but still got to hurt to see how fast he has moved on to a hot new girlfriend and is being seen everything in public holding hands, hugging etc etc. and pics everywhere of when and where they go.

  • bunnyrabbit

    Demi is the best

  • Miley – Mania

    H O T

  • never change

    i love her

  • unique

    much love to Demi <3

  • Anonymous

    those two would make a cute couple!

    who’s the guy?

  • allison
  • hithere

    beautiful demi!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Demi is so beautiful!

  • DemiForever

    Demi is the best…