Miranda Cosgrove IN HANDCUFFS


  • Anonymous

    All you haters are gonna have to eat your words when Miranda kicks ass on TGW!!!

  • mak

    yes thats matt czuchry aka logan from gilmore girls!! love him :)
    i love this show it’s really good and im sure miranda does a great job.

  • miydbhegn

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  • Anonymous

    Ahh i absolutely love the Good WIfe. It’s one of my favorite shows! Although I really don’t like MIranda Cosgrove’s acting, hopefully she’ll be better than she is on icarly

  • Allison

    If you love Justin Bieber or the Jonas brothers, you would watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9mqkjQ0hQI

  • Anonymous

    I hope she’ll do well!

  • mehak

    i luv miranda …shes awsum…

  • Anonymous

    Who the EFFFF CARES!?! She has no talent whatsoever and her songs are awful, like forealll

  • Anonymous

    OMG! is that logan from gilmore girls?? <3

  • Erin

    Omg is that Matt Czuchry? I love him.

  • hithere

    ew her
    seriously, am i the ONLY ONE on OU???

  • taywoww


  • Anonymous

    OU is so slow. Miranda posted this ages ago.

  • ehhh

    OU is slow! Miranda posted this ages ago!

  • never change

    ok =(

  • Jaymee__x

    Wow, first Justin Bieber and now her? Is that like a trend or something…?