Vendela Hollmström It’s Not Too Late VID

  • TaraElmo

    She is way better then the others ^ ^

  • Anonymous

    she’s 13 years old i think. i love it! good job Vendela!

  • Anonymous

    she is amazing!!!

    love the video but those dancers are a bit in the way sometimes..


  • Minke

    I’m from the Netherlands and I think she’s really good! Our winnars also did a version of It’s not to late, but this one is better :)
    Also love the video..

  • Anonymous

    Its okay but Demi’s voice suits is wayyyy better :)

  • tobi2944

    Omg! ” allo we are from america, we don’t want to hear other versions of the song “. that so lame! just because you are jealous..
    I’m from Denmark and I think it’s sounds awesome!. year shes not Demi Lovato! but shes 13 years old! so try to close you mouth and never talk again!

  • Anonymous

    her voice is annoying

  • Anonym

    Wait… this is the “Galapalagutchi”-girl from Junior Eurovision Song Contest, isn’t it? Or maybe the national Swedish contest… Her name would be Hollström, not Hollmström, though :)

  • JBeezyDreezy

    I’m happy that she won n not the other ones from Denmark & Norway, cuz she’s swedish, n so am i, plus she is talented! NEXT STAR ;)

  • Anonymous

    yeah NOT ALL OF US live in america!!

  • micah_anne

    Wow she is amazing, I live in canada and you know what if someone is good it doesnt matter where they are from so STFU!

  • Swedish Fan :D

    Everyone isen’t from America and we want to see other versions of the song to! And Vendela is amezing, I met her a while ago and she’s really nice and I love her :)

  • Anonymous

    Who’ds this?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonym

    Ou like seriously, I don’t live in “America”. Seriously girl (I suppose), it’s called the USA, America is a continent. And don’t be so narrow minded. Keep your soul wide open for new things. This isn’t just a cover, it’s a singer and a culture too.

  • Anonymous

    This is from My Camp Rock 2 Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark & Norway) and it’s the winner Vendela from Sweden! :)

  • Anonymous

    Not all of us live in America o_0

  • Anonymous

    it’s the winner of My Camp Rock 2 in Scandinavia:)

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