Allstar Weekend, ‘A Fan Kissed Me..’

  • Fan

    waaaa!!! I LOVE A-DUB!!!! They are REALLY cool!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    They are so annoying. Ocean up do us all a favor and stop posting about these nobodys

  • Anonymous

    hahaha I love them!
    I went to the Maryland concert (:

  • Anonymous

    never heard of them

  • Anonymous

    me either they look GAYYYY

  • jessica effect

    going to the suddenly yours tour!

    but actually, not for them.

    for action item, stephen jerzak, and the scene aesthetic. <3

  • Ash

    They seem cool :)

  • Anonymous

    haha they are so cute…maybe i’ll have to go check out their music :)

  • Anonymous

    omg I got a flyer at jonas concert and loved them. I took a picture with them and thought they were adorable and later listened to their songs and loved them. :)) <33

  • Hey Princess

    They’re the best! Nice and really hott boys!

  • Paris baby! :)

    I just love them!There music (and there faces) are so great!!! I can’t wait for them to maybe come to france!!!!