• Anonymous

    mcfly seriously sold out, when did they ever release things like this, never ever! and theyve really jumped on the band wagon by duetting with sum1 coz everyone under the sun is doin tht coz no1 thinks they can sell on their own now. i blame the record company, why did they go bk to to them anyway they were doin fine on their own

  • Emma

    My favorite English ‘boy’ band :)

    Good luck to them in America, but they better remember us back in England ;)

  • Anonymous

    I love em!!

  • Anonymous1

    iSarcasticING said:

    well they’re not gonna “break” america. these guys should just stay in the UK and don’t mess with the US.
    Actaully you dont know shit about the UK so stick to your Owl City.
    Mcfly are big in the UK. Unless you’ve lived here for the past 11 years, shut the fuck up :)

  • Anonymous

    this song is very good and for all of those who have said that McFly should stick to the UK & not mess w’ the US u guys r kinda not all there cuz they’re already big there…and another thing WHATHAHELL HAPPENED TO THE DAYS OF FALLING IN LOVE & I’VE GOT YOU I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG BUT I’M SERIOUSLY DISSAPOINTED IN THEM BECAUSE I FEEL THAT THEY’VE BECOME TOO COMMERCIAL ): HOPE THEY COME BACK TO THEIR SENSES

  • Maria

    And send it on?

  • Anonymous

    awww!!! I LOVE MCFLY :D But i prefer their new song ‘Party girl’

  • Anonymous

    Ahh more MCFLY on OceanUp! love it.!!
    MCFLY :)

  • Anonymous

    Why do you keep posting McFly things? Stop doing it. They’re too good for be here.
    Btw, this song has more than 1 week and you only post now? Okaaaay. You’re later.
    McFlyers don’t want them to become one of your regular posts.

  • Anonymous

    They used to be SO great, and now they SUCK.
    I don’t get why they changed so drasticly :\

  • Kristeels

    Mcfly <3333333

    I’m a pioneer :D mcfly fans know where I’m talking about ;)

    Can’t wait to see them.

    btw, nice song :) Like Party Girl better though

  • KarimePoynter

    they are the BEST!! my fav band

  • Anonymous

    Im from the US but I agree with you they have lost their sound… i miss the old McFly

  • Nicole

    Im trying to be a pioneer, i spent all friday trying to sign up and it wouldnt let me :(

  • Anonymous

    I miss the old McFly too :(

  • McFlyARMY2010

    this song has been around for ages
    why have OceanUp suddenly posted it?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a fan for the past 7 YEAAARSS!

    I ALREADY know this song word for word :D

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you I MISS THE OLD MCFLY ):

  • Anonymous

    the US can have them their new songs are rubbish theyve totally lost their sound

  • ine

    McFLY is above OceanUp teenies.

    In McFLY words:

    “Here’s to the liars who dream and conspire against the admired: WE HOPE YOU DROP DEAD”.

  • Anonymous

    YESSS!!! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO MCFLY IS…YOU ARE NOT LIVING. end of story. they are amazing.

  • Liam

    1. thanks for posting my video

    and 2. @iSarcasticING
    mcfly are a very successful and very big band in the uk. they are trying to expand there music worldwide and trying to get recognised in America, so back off. plus they blow owl city out the water

  • Anonymous

    omg i love mcfly.. my roommates at college recently turned me on to them and im obsessed! im a pioneer i stayed up till 5 am and tried for almost 2 hrs to be one and i got it before they had to close the super city <3 them

  • ShowMeYourTeeth

    I love them.

  • Stephanie

    I’m a pioneer too! I love them, and can’t wait for them to come to the US for their M&G’s…NY better be a “major city”!

  • Anonymousbitch

    they r not only big in uk they r pretty big in latin america , as well . This song , unlike ! i like they old style it was better , thsi one is chessy and to cookie pop tooo justin bieber -.-”

  • Anonymous

    why is this song even on oceanup?

    mcfly deserve better. They’re better than any band out thereeee <3

  • Camila

    I ? MCFLY!

  • Joana

    I’m a pionner too!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pff, they’re amazing, REAL MUSIC.

  • Anonymous

    what i think they should come to the US they are my favorite band… they are amazing artists they sound the same live as they do on their albums and they are alot better then most of the top artists we have..

  • iSarcasticING

    well they’re not gonna “break” america. these guys should just stay in the UK and don’t mess with the US.

  • Nicole

    Fuck Off, what you’ve listened to one song and suddnely you know everything?
    They’ve had seven number ones over here and have been together years.
    They’re a really great band.

  • Nicole

    You can hardly talk, with some of the sh*t you send over here :|

  • McNanuFly

    aaay mis amores yo los amooo!!son la mejor banda que hay sin duda alguna!!!

    mcfly tiene que arrasar con todo por que son asombrosos!!!! yo soy de argentina y aca la rompen son lo mas!!!

    pionera por siempre!! mcflllyyyy

    opino que oceanup tiene que darle mas lugar a ellos!

  • Anonymous

    I love McFLY and their music but honestly, this is their worst song ever.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want them to become popular because everyone will know them and their genre will change like now.

  • Sweetdisposition?


  • iSarcasticING

    who the hell are these dudes. >.> unknowns.

  • Shelby

    Actually, they are quite popular in England, were featured in the film Just My Luck, and are slowly growing a following in the US.

  • Anonymous

    they’re big in the UK and now trying to ‘break’ america :)

  • Anonymous

    they’re big in the UK and now trying to ‘break’ America :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love McFly and they deserve to be more known then they are now and i would love for them to come to the US and i agree with you.. no one should judge them just by one song..

  • Anonymous

    no u fools, mcfly waited waaaay to long to come to the U.S its been seven years and ive lost respect for them cuz their dudes n there STILL afraid to even play in America. should be happy they have this many fans

  • Anonymous

    I thought it said Miley at first… =|

  • Yasmine

    They are really amazing! <3
    Love this song, but think that the old ones are better.
    I’m a pioneer too. /o/

  • Anonymous

    they’re big in the UK and now trying to break America :)

  • cony

    they are simply amazing <3
    i dont get why they are so unknown in America, they are awesome.

  • Sahina

    woo McFLY!!!! loved them since 2005 (i was almost a year late in liking them).

    but why on earth are they on OU?! they deserve to be on something better!

    and i miss their old songs. not too fond of their new ones, but i still love them!

  • Anonymous


  • Samantha

    I’m a pioneer!! They are amazing!!! :)
    Love this song <3

  • Anonymous

    Owl City isn’t better than Mcfly :)

  • Anonymous

    I <3 their song too close for comfort. =]