Taylor Momsen @ John Galliano PARTY

  • Promnight95

    Hey That’s In France
    Did You Know That Only 5% Of French People Go To The Gym.

  • Anonymous

    can anyone please tell me why do u say that u hate her attitude? what does she do? like seriously cuz i wanna know because yeah i like her style her music and everything but i just don’t know her pretty much so please tell me if you can or if you know :D thanksss and yay shes a great singer ;) i like her just wanna know that.

  • Kattae

    Ahh I hate her raccoon eyes, but other than that love her style.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor is the best !!! :)

  • C…

    she is so pretty. soemtimes i feel like she should take off those raccoon eyes and go with somehting a bit subtle. and she should part her hair to the side… anyways shes like a rock n roll barbie. her music is so cool and i LOVE her edgy/sexy outfits. i wish i could pull off her wardrobe

  • Anonymous

    omg she makes me sick. shes trashy and shes what…17? she smokes and is just plain disgusting.

  • k


  • cantbetamed1

    I’m starting to like her :)..her music is amazing tha’s for sure.She just needs to work on her attitude!

  • TayFan

    I LOVE TAYLOR M! Her music is awesome. I could care less about her “attitude” because her music is so great. & love her voice.

  • Anonymous

    she’s secretly dating shia labeouf, love her