WET REPUBLIC interview under!

  • ThaiRibbon

    I love her bathing suit.

  • jenniebbyx3

    I think she looks great so does her body. I see her working out, alot in these couple of days! Great job ash.

  • Anonymous

    well she has a lil curve and an ass ..
    But ahmm boobs.. where they at?

  • crazylady

    now thats what I’m talkin bout

  • luvEVANA

    LOL anyway @luvEVANA that’s my old Icon>:P

    haha lol well now its mine u cant have it luv

  • taylorllama


  • Kristeels

    she looks good I think

  • Anonymous

    she has a tattoo?! what’s it say?

  • fly2009888

    so beauty lady!!

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  • Sarcasm was always intended


  • HisFavoriteGirl

    Her stomach looks weird . . But she’s wicked prettay .

  • LibertyMiley_


  • LibertyMiley_

    Yay!I was first . xD Anyway.. Ashley looks awesome! Love ya Ash!

  • luvEVANA

    cool? lol but i wish i had a body like that

  • LibertyMiley_

    LOL anyway @luvEVANA that’s my old Icon>:P

  • Anonymous

    gross. she has no curves or boobs o.0

  • Disdain


  • Anonymous

    she’s too skinny, no curves!

  • putlimeinthecoconut


  • FrancyJonasGomez

    She has a pretty nice body, she looks beautiful, and her boyfriend is a cutie, they’re adorable together <3