Sonny With A Chance Halloween Special

  • adw014

    Haaaa , Shaq At the Endd & IDidn’t Kno demi’s Hair Color was brown in this episode .

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!!!!!!!! The end :P:P:P

  • Anonymous

    This was filmed when jemi was broken up. You can tell demis hair is lighter she died it when they broke up. And isn’t Joe in this epi so something. Or he is on the christmas epi

  • Anonymous

    ahh i love her and this show.<3

  • Anonymous

    ahh i love demii and this showw.

  • jennifer.

    ahh i love this show and Demi.<3

  • Anonymous

    joes in the holiday episode. not the halloween one

  • unique

    Bahahaha… its going to be so hilarious…

  • never change

    i love swac

  • suzii18023

    i dont like demi’s hair color

  • Anonymous

    can wait to see …. love swac….

  • lovato – jonas


  • Michellehorstink

    I love swac

  • mileyluver15



    this i


    this is gonna be the best one am i right ?

  • Rahie

    XD “Shaqenzie” …oh man… this is gonna be GREAT! Hope I can get some great Halloween ideas!

  • Anonymous

    Gawsh, I love this show no matter how stupid it is.

    … Actually this seems like one if its best compared to some other episodes *cough* High School Miserable *cough* Candy Face *cough*

  • taylorllama

    yay! shaq!