• Anonymousxxx

    No he actually was gay.. he told his uncle then he shot him self. You sound like you have something against gays. its not wrong..

  • anonymous

    Earth to OceanUp-
    This video is NOT at all about supporting gay youth. This video is about supporting this kid’s right to do what he wanted to do. I don’t know where you heard “gay rights” in this video, or where in the news did it say that this poor boy was gay. There is no way to label an ELEVEN year old boy as being gay or straight. I cannot believe that you would assume that because he wanted to try cheer leading that he was homosexual.
    Second, I think that the cast of hellcats is doing a very nice thing by making this video. Many people criticize actors for using their fame to “preach” about touchy subjects. But sometimes it is only when famous people bring in the media that these subjects become addressed. I also think that inviting this child to the set of their show is such a nice gesture. It is in no way trying to seem “hip” or “cool”. They are trying to show this kid that he should not listen to the bullies by introducing him to cheerleaders who followed their dreams and are not bullied for cheering.
    I also cannot believe that people are condoning the cast of Hellcats for saying that you should try whatever you want to try. They are not saying that you should try things that are illegal, such as drugs or alcohol (for minors at least). All these actors are advocating for is that people, especially children, should be able to try any ACTIVITY they want to and not be bullied for it. This also goes for homosexuality; while I am straight, I believe that everyone deserves the right to love who they want. I am a Catholic and I do not condone homosexuality in the slightest, because I believe that Jesus loves each and every one of us, no matter who we are or what we do with our lives. Just as he loves people of all races, so too does he love people of all sexualities.

  • Anonymous

    I would never condone violence. But OBVIOUSLY it is NOT okay for you to tell kids they should be whatever they want, when they are being beaten up. You can’t force acceptance from other people.

    And I hate it when celebrities tell us what to do.

  • Anonymous

    aaawww thats cool

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp probably just made a mistake because of all of the #itgetsbetter videos that are supporting gays. But anyway, this is super cool that they are doing that for this kid, i think it’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    No one said he was gay… maybe he just likes cheerleading? This is the problem… if someone likes something than people automatically label them. THAT and mocking them about it is bullying…

    so change the title!

  • Anonymous

    i saw the tyler thing on the news. boy doesn’t seem gay at all. in fact he looks like a regular kid who would play soccer or anything. so, OU change the title.

  • Anonymous

    It was never implied nor stated that the reason Tyler wanted to become a male cheer-leader was because he was homosexual. But the video is titled: ‘SUPPORT GAY YOUTH’. Why not talk about the 13 year old boy, Seth Walsh who committed suicide because he was bullied for being “gay”. He hung himself in his backyard on a tree, he was found unconscious and lay in a coma for 9 days, he died on a Tuesday. How about Tyler Clementi an 18 year old freshman at Rutgers U. who jumped off the G. Washington bridge after having his personal relations with another man displayed throughout the internet. His body was found and identified on a Thursday. Why not mention these tragedies? That’s all I ask.

  • Anonymous

    While I disapprove of homosexuality, I do not condone violence against anyone for any reason. Be mindful that there are many gays who are just as bigoted when they call others “homophobes” for believing in heterosexual marriage only.

    Besides, we all know Hellcats just made this video to make themselves look “cool” and “hip” for today’s teens. They would have never made such a video, say, ten years ago.

    I’m especially disappointed in Aly Michalka, because I thought she was a Christian.

  • Anonymous

    It’s OK to “try whatever you want to try?”

    These people are so ignorant. Don’t preach to us, just do your job and act.

  • Anonymous

    ngl, i actually really like this show. and i actually like the acting done by both ashley and aly. aly’s character reminds of peyton from one tree hill. its like taking peyton and giving her own show. haha. which is fine since peyton was always my favorite.

  • Sophia

    Haha oth is my fav show! :D

  • whitefire0624

    You dumbasses should hear the news story first. He was, he admitted it on his facebook before he killed himself.

  • Anonymous

    It never said Tyler was gay? Only that he wanted to be a cheerleader…

    Good job oceanup.

  • Anonymous

    sooo true…!

  • Anonymous

    The point is not whether or not he’s really gay, the point is that it’s wrong to bully someone for being gay or for being perceived as gay.

  • Jonasgurl

    so….. since when does being a guy cheerleader make you gay?


  • Anonymous

    Just because the kid’s a cheerleader, doesnt mean he is gay!

  • Anonymous

    aawww sweet :’)

  • Anonymous

    perez hilton is getting them to make these videos, it’s because he is gay, and wanted to be a cheerleader. thats why he got beatup.

  • _liesyoutold

    Didn’t watch the video.. But anyway, I love this show. <3

  • siliaLA

    please follow me on twitter the video was cute and they didnt say he is gay