• urluvismydrugg

    i kind of feel bad for these two.
    i mean it’s kind of obvious they were sort of FORCED into a relationship. when sure they may be extremely happy with each other, hey, they probably are.
    but i mean kristen ended her relationship with that michael dude. i felt bad for him, jeesh. when they were still dating, i wonder how that was for him.
    people treated rob and kristen like they were a couple from the start.

  • Anonymous

    HOT! Love you Rob.
    Yeah, Only Jonas, Bieber or Miley fans think your not cute.
    Oh, I forgot Demi fans. I think Selena fans are the more mature.
    Well Disney Fans ;)

  • Anonymous

    Robten are the BEST thing that’s ever been Mine.Lol!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they paid for that pissed off face. i wouldnt have givin them that for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    People are so dumb….of course they don’t look happy! They’re having camera’s shoved in their face.

    Famewhores are the only ones who ever smile when paps hound them.

  • KaylaBelle

    Robsten seem to actually be down to earth and have a real relationship…they cant show it though with random people following them around trying to get a picture of them.

    Kristen and Rob both seem to care about eachother…and you can see that in interviews…I mean they have been caught kissing and holding hands their together..I think their happy about it too..its just a personal relationship to them that they dont wanna share with the world…and thats fine, they dont have too.
    Team Robsten:]

  • Anonymous

    i just love them!

  • Bex

    I somebody has obviously never been high before. You do know it makes you SMILE right? LMAO #bitchycommentFAIL

  • Bex

    I somebody has obviously never been high before. You do know it makes you SMILE right? LMAO #bitchycommentFAIL

  • lovelife48

    I love Robsten :) I just don’t think Rob’s hot, he’s still a great actor though, and KStew is gorgeous :)

  • liam h sucks

    he looks fat

  • skyebird

    lmao. nice face rob (: kstew looks hot. ngl. love that hair color on her.

    he looks like he’s about to punch the camera.

  • whoahitsAmber

    I’m still not understanding how everyone is attracted to him…

  • never change



    I just wish that for ones the paparazzi let them be in love in peace, gosh i know that if the paparazzi were famous they would like to have somethings private, and i love kristen stewart i am all the was stewie, and i think she has a black thing on her nose whats that? did any one hurt her? i would kill that person, or is it just makeup ?

  • Mafer Rodríguez-Lee

    love them.

  • i love joe jonas.

    my parents got me a lifesize cardboard cut out of him for my 16th birthday.. i have no idea why.

  • Anonymous

    I think they are cute couple, even tho they look grumpy :p

  • Mage

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  • Nicole50

    Yeah its your opinion, but make sure you take a mirror and compare who is uglier and then you can criticize……..AND THAT’S MY OPINION!!!

  • giannamariee

    sorry, but i think he’s ugly as shit.
    just my opinion.

  • myfactoryanimal?


  • Anonymous

    love em

  • debby


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i just love them i don’t know why ooooooo

  • Anonymous

    Haha Rob’s like, ‘If you don’t get out of my face…I’m gonna kick your ass.’

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Well don’t they look happy as clams.

  • LizzieHawkins

    LOL His face= priceless, he is a VAMPIRE so it must be normal

    PS. she is TOTALLY high, JS.