Kevin Jonas TATTOO?!


From @iNicka: Kevin Jonas has a tattoo. Not anything major really, but I find it super sweet. (: It’s on his left ring finger and it says, ‘Dani.’ He got it a little while after him and Danielle married. (: He had his wedding band off in this picture while playing for a Road Dogs game.

  • Anonymous

    Not a big fan of tattoos personally, just think it’s too much to commit to in case you go off it later. I think it’s kinda cute here though, sort of a personal statement between him and Dani concealed under his/their wedding bands. My problem is, having someone’s name etched on you, sort of like being branded and none of us knows what will happen in the future, no matter how in love you are at the time! Just me, I guess.

  • EvaSnow

    I want to see a better picture of this. It is kinda cute IF it’s true.

  • Meee

    Who´s copying now??

  • Anonymous

    kevin having a tattoo of dani’s name just show how and love and truly committed he is to her!! i think the tattoo is so sweet. and it’s in a pretty cool place, it’s not all out there or anything….it’s hidden under is wedding ring. so cute :-)

  • kikime

    You so totally stole this from TeamJonas, but w/e

    And yes it’s totally cute!!

  • Danger-ous

    I agree Joe should get a tattoo as well. Nothing crazy but he’d be so much hotter, if possible.

  • EvaSnow

    I disagree. I only like tattoo’s if they have a meaning. I wouldn’t like it if Joe would get a tattoo just because it’s “pretty”. Especially because Joe does sometimes stupid thing without thinking. xD He should of course do whatever he wants. But I’m just stating my opinion.

  • Danger-ous

    I think if Joe was going to get a stupid tattoo or some tribal band, he would have gotten it by now. I think he’s deeper than most people think. I’m sure he wouldn’t get one if it didn’t have meaning.

  • Anonymous

    Awe, cute I love Kevin and Danielle<3

  • MoreK2Plz

    THA FUKC!!?? I’m just upset that there aren’t enough guys in the world like him :/

  • Anonymous

    It is indeed adorable…but uh..that’s the thing I hate about tattoos gotten for a girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/etc…what if they get divorced? Gotta go through that painful removal process.

  • Anonymous

    cute :]]

  • Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,
    If you are reading this i have a question for you. If i propose to you will you say yes? lol There are places out there where you can have more than one wife, right? xD But seriously you’re just amazing…

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    I love kevin <3

  • Anonymous

    Cute, not something I would do, but if that’s his thing. It’s probably better than getting something written in you ear.

  • Hilary

    ZOooMG ShOcKiNgggGG!11!1

  • Anonymous

    Is that his hand though? The tattoo or whatever it is looks kind of odd..

  • ThaiRibbon

    Number one rule of tattoo: NO NAMES! Oh and do homework on the artist. But it’s kinda cute I guess.

  • Jilleh

    It’s really cute, but I would feel awful if they were ever to divorce.

  • Anonymous

    I want Joe to bust out with a big tattoo on his arm like even if its a cross (ala JT) that would be awesome on his arms!!

  • misskevinjonas

    ahhhhhh so cute!!!! i love kevin is my favotite jonas i love you kevin!!!

  • PrettyYoungThing

    Kevin seems like the most romantic Jonas. How sweettttt.

  • Anika

    he’s probably the sweetest guy to exist.

  • misscherie13

    ooooh so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    omg….i totally love kevin. getting a tattoo of his wife’s name is so romantic and the sweetest gesture :-)

  • Anonymous25

    I want Joe to bust out with a big tattoo on his arm like even if its a cross (ala JT) that would be awesome on his arms!!

    OMG me too! he would look hotter than ever…a mean even more! lol :D


    Awhhhhhh ! How sweeet :) ! Dani is very lucky Girl !! .. and he’s so romantic :) <3

  • austin19

    that`s sweet & all , but it`s always cursing the marriage to get a tattoo of your spouse . idc if my husband is jesus , i`m not getting his name tattooed on me .

  • Anonymous

    it’s not a real tattoo guys. stop freaking out.
    he wrote it on his finger. there’s a video
    of kevin doing that.

  • Clari

    wow i bet he feels really secure about the stituation of being married with her because i think that he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t like that. at least me, i don’t think i’d do that, no… but if he does it and he likes it, well it’s ok for me :) i love him whatever

  • KittieJ

    The problem with guys like the Jonas Brothers is that I expect every guy I date to be sweet like Kevin, fun like Joe, and secretly insane like Nick. My standards are too high. I know it’s possible that Kevin and Dani will someday break up but I think that it’s unlikely. They make being together a priority, even with his busy schedule.

  • Anonymous

    aww that’s so sweet

  • superJOEman

    Only means that it’s “FOREVER”. :))

  • realistgangsta

    he is stupid

  • realistgangsta

    he is stupid

  • amy

    that is sooo cute!! i love kenielle!! :) <3

  • Anonymous

    Better to be dating a “real” guy because what you see of most celebrities is an illusion and they are not like that in real life.

  • JonasFreak1202

    Thats sooooo sweet! <3 You can tell they will be together forever and ever, and that Kevin really loves her!

  • Anonymous

    there is a rumor all over twitter, that kevin and danielle are expecting a baby!! i don’t know if it’s true, but i definitely hope so. there baby would be so cute….i can so imagine a mini-kevin running around :-)

  • JustMe

    Ahhhhhh the kiss of doom for any relationship.. NEVER tattoo someones name on your body..

  • 3r3smis0l

    hmm tattoos on a guy in my opinion is not cute at all!!
    but its sweet what he did..

    in the pic its says cambio so there must be a vid.. those anybody know the link to the vid please and thank you ??

  • Anonymous

    its the Jupiter,FL Road Dogs game on Cambio

  • yswnssa

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  • xitsbrielle

    It dosen’t even look like a tattoo in the picture but okayy.

  • Afterglow

    That is adorable :-)

  • Minke

    Aah.. cute :)

  • Lena

    That’s so sweeeet! :D

  • Jaymee__x

    Cute. :)

  • w

    I bet Dani has his name tatted on her finger as well. Cute.

  • Anonymous

    kevin is my favorite jonas :)

  • Anonymous25

    OMG a Jonas has a tattoo??? O_O

    hahaha jk.. this is so freaking adorable..K2 is just adorable and gorgeous!! :D lucky girl is Dani…

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  • RoseL


  • fearless now

    they are adorable

  • Anonymous

    Kevin is probably one of the most amazing husbands in the world. Dani is one lucky girl. :)

  • urluvismydrugg

    kevin, hasn’t anyone ever told you to NEVER tatoo someones name on ur body?
    i mean i get that you’re married and all, but you never know what could possibly happen in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Oct 6, 2010 @ 08:48 am
    Anonymous said:
    It is indeed adorable…but uh..that’s the thing I hate about tattoos gotten for a girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/etc…what if they get divorced? Gotta go through that painful removal process.

    MTE. And the embarrassment? Damn.

  • FearlessLi

    I love how the person who wrote the story is just a fan but they still try and make-up some date and little details like they actually know anything about it.
    Am I the only one who can see the plaster?
    I won’t actually believe it until a proper picture comes out or Kevin or Danielle confirms it.

  • nickjjismyhusband

    this is cute and all
    but…you should never tattoo youself the name of your BF/GF or Wife/Husband. EVER. Dont matter if your madly in love…anything can happen between you two.

    But oh well ITS KEVINS DEAL! :P
    I hope they are together forever<3