Varsity Fanclub Plays Bremen Germany

VFC performing ‘I’m You Guy’ & ‘Guitar’ at Waterfront, Bremen, Germany. 1+

  • Anonymous

    LOVE them. they are super talented and awesome!! apparently they will be coming to australia soon! wooohooo cannot wait!

  • muffincakeee

    Yaaaay, VFC’s on OU again. It’s been a while. I can’t wait until these boys come home from tour. ^^; <3

  • sinnerxo

    I live in Bremen!
    Had no idea they were here, otherwise I would have come. Even though Im no Fan, i mean apparently it was free or something -.-

  • Tameka

    yaaaay VFC :) i love them :)

  • realistgangsta

    i miss thomas he was the cuties one

  • Anonymous

    didn’t know that they are in germany…
    I just know them because they’re following me on twitter :D

    And next week I’m going to Bremen, Waterfront to shop at Primark :) :) Primark FTW ! :D

  • MissSarah

    who are they?

  • CRIS

    i LOVE THEM! (now I know who they are xD)
    TC.CARTER!! ?
    ANd.I have to say that thomas fiss is following me on twitter xDD

  • cris

    i don’t know..but this guy is handsome!! haha

  • nessiedenali

    i love VFC !!!!! VFC is the best boy band out there, in my opinion =) they aree sooo cute, they can sing dance and rite songs =))) they are all amazing and i suggest all of u check them out, but BACK OFFF JAYK!!! HES MINE =P