Thx @TheGomezWorld!

  • Daniele

    “April” is the name of the publisher of the magazine (Brazil)

  • LilaBabiuk

    ahhah the name of the publisher is not April is Abril!!!
    anyway… she looks beautiful!
    and this magazine is from this month!

  • snowfalls

    This is cute.

  • Anonymous

    she still dropping name about people what a famewhore she never really stops eh!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • FrancyJonasGomez

    These are old….

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    April?! This is the new edition.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    The pics are old, but the magazine is new. It came out yesterday.

  • Talita

    The pics are old but i can translate it
    The girl is in everything: movies, new cd, clothing lines and still finds time to do good!
    and content of the magazine talks about his new projects, friendships and style. All what a fan of selena knows about her.

  • ensuringthecrisis

    I hate when mags steal other mags shoots w/ celebrities. Get your own pictures of Selena, Capricho :P

  • gabriela

    “April” is the name of the publisher of the magazine (Brazil) +1
    she looks pretty! *-* and I love to see brazilians’ maganies on oceanup! *-*

  • Luh

    Brazil!!!!! I already bought mine :’) April? is new edition!

  • Anonymous

    BRAZIIIIIIIIL \O/ HAHAHA she’s amazing!

  • gabi B.

    Guys,It’s not the April edition,is the name of the editor of the magazine.And the real name is Abril.
    We’re brazilian,babys…

  • Anys
  • Anonymous

    her head is too big for her shoulders.
    actually no. you know what it is? she’s so petite and her shoulders are so tiny so it makes it look that way

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone want me to translate it?

  • Anonymous

    her face changed

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty HOT

  • evana99

    pretty face

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty but i hate her smile it weird i dont know if its because her buck teeth or something but it looks weird to me.

  • SelenaComesNaturally

    She’s too pretty. :)

  • HisFavoriteGirl

    She looks cuuuute :)

  • areyouonDOPE…

    Pretty Beautiful

  • Destiny Hope

    April Cover? So maybe some pictures from her 16th birthday party next post.