Music manager Dan Dymtrow claims that he is owed millions in commissions because he discovered Taylor Swift, signed her in April 2004 when she was 14 and played a key role in building her career before being dumped in July 2005, just before she signed with Big Machine Records and became an international sensation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dymtrow said his..

..management deals with Swift and parents Scott and Andrea Swift provided that he be paid between 5%-10% commission (or more) from Taylor’s music career. After developing Taylor and introducing her to Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta, Dymtrow said he was strung along by the family and then fired to avoid paying him. His attorney: ‘They delayed and delayed [the deal] and got rid of my client,

..and subsequently signed the deal and kept his commissions for themselves’. Taylor’s lawyer: ‘For him to claim that her success and her major contracts were procured by him is ludicrous. And even if there were some merit to his claims, paying him on the contract would defeat the whole purpose of the law in New York, which is to protect minors who sign contracts.’

  • ColdAsU

    He should be paid the amount she made in 06.Its wrong he just now sued her.He helped her 6 years ago.Why sue her now?

  • Anonymous

    ummm… isn’t Taylor the one with the talent?
    A manager gets paid for the job he does at that time. He doesn’t deserve 5% now because he has done nothing for her in the past years her other manager has! Maybe a little compensation for unjustified firing, but he does not deserve anything from her recent earnings.

  • @abygirla19

    thats good swift is gay anyway

  • Taste.The.Rainbow

    Im so tired of all teh stupid Jonas Brothers posts x.x

  • Sparklesxx

    No of this is even true. This is the guy who WOULDN’T sign Taylor unless she agreed to sing songs that were written for her. He wouldn’t let her sing her own songs. And she wasn’t introduced by anyone to Big Machine Records. She was singing at a Cafe one night, and Scott Borchetta came in and said he was going to start an indie label, BMR, and when it was up and running he wanted to sign her to it. This entire story is completely stupid and false. He doesn’t even know enough about Taylor to come up with a story that people might actually believe to be true…

  • ELLA

    its like vanessa hudgens all over again.

  • Taste.The.Rainbow

    My icon is so lame D:

  • kary_redfern

    paying him on the contract would defeat the whole purpose of the law in New York, which is to protect minors who sign contracts.’
    Does Taylor or the Swift family live in New York? or was the contract signed in New York? in any case it would be the parents signing since they were apparently involve not Taylor, so he can sue. And the family and Big Machine Records are very shady, And whomever asked why is he coming out just now, well read, or learn how to read better, apparently the family has being avoiding paying him his commission, wow, I guess she is going to sell albums again.

  • Anonymous

    wow…so if this is true why didnt he come out after she got signed? or when her first album released? or her second one? or when she won all those grammys?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure who I believe. There are so many jacked up things it’s hard to tell.

  • Anonymous

    But its the principle that he believed in her before she was famous and was willing to help her get to the top and when he introduced her to big machine records.. they fired him so they wouldnt have to pay him..thats horrible

  • danielle

    Thanks for posting this oceanup! yay i sent this in!

  • Anonymous

    why is the sky blue, why is the grass green , why did the chicken cross the road…wtf it doesnt matter how or why he waited.. he was treated wrong so he deserves it.. just like the lady gaga case,theres no way in hell lady gaga came up with all those crazy outfits and stuff a guy did and she fired him and he sued

  • TaylorSwiftRoxx13

    you can’t SUE TAYLOR SWIFT! That’s like stepping on a baby kitten :( He WOULD wanna sue after she hit the big time.

  • Anonymous

    but that guy that sued lady gaga was her ex-boyfriend so may be he was mad she broke up with him plus he sued her for 75 million.. i dont think shes worth that much yet

  • StarLight24

    isn’t this the idiot who refused to actually give her a record deal & just wanted her to write for other ppl? she wanted to sing so she left. she shouldn’t have to pay him anything. they may have strung him along but he strung her along too. besides idk how true this is. her parents seem like respectable ppl but then again no one really knows.

  • Destiny Hope

    That’s kind of scummy, he helped her out, introduced her to the label and then they fire him just before they sign to avoid paying him. Legally he is shit out of luck her being a minor and all but still.

  • OhLordy

    Wow… the Jonas fantards need to quit. Joe brought it upon himself.

    Anywho, this man is clearly out for money.

  • Anonymous

    HA okay so he’s suing her cause she got famous without him? If he can sue her, can’t Columbia Records sue the Jonas Brothers ’cause they got famous on Hollywood Records? Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    …he introduced her to big machine records and then he was fired… columbia let the jonas brothers out of their contract cause they didnt do well so they couldnt sue them if they tried

  • Xandria Lea

    Either way, Taylor, ruffled blouse + ruffled skirt = NO.

  • Anonymous

    Big machine records are the same ones who said taylor swift is the best emotional singer and dissed kelly clarkson and people on american idol right.. yeah ok YOU GET YOUR MONEY MAN!!!

  • Anonymous

    This bitch refused to give her a record deal and wanted her to write for other people. She shouldn’t give him money. She wanted to sing! If she had waited for him she couldn’t be what she is now. So he’s just mad cause he lost the opportunity to be the one who made her famous. She was following her dream and left. But whatever if he wants money lets give him money, she have a lot. Maybe this isn’t true. Idk.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    He has been trying to get the money for years. I have to wonder why the Swifts let her sign a contract with him since they were fully aware that minors can’t sign. Seems to me they were pretty clever–got his help and then got rid of him. He doesn’t stand a chance against their power.

  • Anonymous

    If you knew Taylor you would know the real story. Im a swifty so i know. Taylor NEVER fired him, she was in the developing project and then decided he wanted to wait another year. she decided to leave. then Taylor was singing and her now manager saw her. then they had her start recording and bla bla bla now shes famous. Shes an inspiration. no hating please :)

  • DropTheWorldx

    I disagree. Taylor is pretty famous without any of them.

  • Anonymous

    no one cares about taylor swift unless shes with selena, talking about joe or kanye..sorry

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    ha wow.

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    Good to see Ou can type o.o

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  • Bubbly-Joe

    Like. God, I’m addicted to Facebook… :S

  • Holly

    Funny how he wants his money after she is popular and famous and making a lot of money.