• superJOEman

    Victoria! Very pretty girl. She’s one of my role models. :))

  • superJOEman

    Victoria! Very pretty girl. She’s one of my role models. :))

  • superJOEman

    Victoria! Very pretty girl. She’s one of my role models. :))

  • Stephanie

    Uhhh, off topic but pale girls like Miranda should DEFINITALLY not wear ruby red lipstick..it doesnt look very nice…if ur pale..like miranda, or lightly tanned- wear glossy lips with no colour…”)

  • Anonymous

    theyre fuckin obviouslly lol theyre both hot though :)

  • TheatreGirl

    dammit they should just get together. Victoria Justice is gorgeous and so is he :)

  • karlee

    I think Victoria could show up in a paper bag and look perfect. She is sooo pretty!

    Avan is really hot too… Beck needs to dump Jade for Tori NOW

  • Belieber<3

    I’m thinking that’s a load of ****. Didn’t they meet during Spectacular? That was only 2ish years ago…

    Besides, I thought she was “dating” that one blonde British guy… didn’t OceanUp have a story on that a few weeks back?

  • Victoria’s Biggest Fan

    I know for a FACT they are only friends. Stop starting rumors…

  • henskie

    Wow Victoria looks so beautiful in fact gorgeous isn’t good enough so I am going to make up a word to describe how beautiful she looks… She looks Viclacious

  • VictoriaJ_Fan

    sooo cute <3 love them

  • fake purses

    very sex.and the clutches are very lovery.isn’t it?Is it miu miu bags?

  • maria

    Victoria looks simply amazing! She is so classy and doesnt need to work hard to look this good! SHe is awesome!

  • xoStephaniexo

    LoL..LOVE THEM..Plz reply if u can add people on thiss

  • Anonymous

    she always looks good!
    shes amazing and avan is soo hot

  • joenasfan22

    they’ve BEEN dating.. for like 3 years. I remember looking at her facebook a long time ago before she was really famous.. she was in a relationship with him and she had tons of pics of them making out

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic.. but I really like Big Time Rush’s “Boyfriend”.

    But I don’t like autotune.

  • Rysla
  • FrancyJonasGomez

    They would make a cute couple <3

  • Rileyyyy

    soooo am i the only one convinced that theyre secretly dating ALREADY??

  • Anonymous


  • meh XD

    He’s Hot Shes Gorgeoussss

  • LibertyMiley_

    second xd

  • Hangover

    They would make a really cute couple:)