Megan & Liz Need Your Poison ORIGINAL

On iTunes HERE.

  • xoShannonxo


  • Anonymous

    go megan and liz! love them!

  • blehh


  • Allysonnn56

    They are so talented! (:

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it Your, not you?

  • Anonymous

    that guy cant sing for crap! <3 Megan & Liz, but loose the guy girls! He is trying wait to hard and sounds like he is taking a dump, straining.. LMBO

  • jessica effect

    YAAAAAAY! yayayayay.

    i love megan & liz.

    i seriously just watched this on their youtube like.. an hour earlier. ;p

    – everyone needs to subscribe to them; <3.

  • Rileyyyy

    yay! i looooooooooove megan & liz! i agree the guy isn’t that good lol

  • Anonymous

    you are dumb dumb dumb if you can’t “read” into what they are singing about. Get a clue. oh and by the way they are more popular than ever !

  • Anonymous

    these girls could’ve done a lot earlier when they were first getting popular on youtube and now its like no one care about them lol theres more talented people on youtube. this song has 0 meaning.. i need your poison? lol dumb lyrics
    dumb dumb dumb