• JoeJonasIsAwesome

    I love that she’s helping kids & their troubles,but will she ever give it a break?

  • cecilia alvarez

    i know demi sufered of bulling and she is fighting to aboid it, but she has to stop a little with this thing

  • StarLight24

    it’s sweet that she’s standing up against bullying. sure all the messages may get annoying but if it gets the point across then it’s definitely worth it =]. bullying does need to stop.

  • StarLight24

    btw maybe it’s just b/c the anons are gone but the posts seem very empty now. lol

  • takesmehigh

    everyone is bullied okay STOP complaining, nothing makes you special. SHUT UP its been three years of this shit.

  • takesmehigh

    she just runs away from her problems and sends horrible, annoying messages to kids. and god FIX YOUR HAIR

  • LoveSemi

    you’re doing a great job, demi…
    and if she still doing it…it’s because bullying it’s still a problem…she’s not doing for her!
    she don’t care if a hater waste time to talk shit about other people’s lives!
    she is doing good for others!

    love her for this :)

  • songwason
  • Libelinha

    You here are really annoying & insensitive.
    1. Bullying is a very serious subject that affects lots of people and may led to depression and suicide.
    2. She is the spokesperson against bullying, so of course she will talk about it lots of times.
    3. She had already helped many kids/teens with her advices and actions against bulling and also brought attention to the subject.
    4. She talks about being homeshooled cause of bullying, to show people how hard it can get. But she already said that she knows not everybody has that possibility.
    Her advice is always for kids/ teens talk with their parents or someone in the school + focus on the things they love the most, like music for her.
    5. Some people here should help others too instead of hating on who tries to do it.

  • Dont Judge


  • never change

    we have that in our history class and second love you demi

  • Feed Me

    It’s hard to blame the kids she went to school with, just hearing her whinny voice makes me want to bully her.

  • jjuullii

    yo dije d :P

  • LoveToLove


  • hellodollface

    oh gaaawddd.
    again with the bullying shit.
    although i actually believe demi was bullied unlike mileys bs, i still dont want to hear about it.

  • sophieee

    a one question quiz?

  • LoveToLove

    YES!!!!! I’m first in my role model’s post!

  • natjbguitargirl

    A yayi was right i love her hair

  • iusedtobelovedrunk

    channel one sucks ass

  • hellodollface

    we used to watch channel 1 ever day in middle school.
    atleast they have someone interesting on it nowwwww.

  • memiAndniley

    Idk if ou was sarcastic or not?

  • TraceSTAN

    Not sure leaving and being home-schooled is the best solution to bullying and it’s crappy advice to give to kids. Not everyone can leave and be home-schooled, talk to someone at the school, find solutions in the school, running away does nothing. Terrible spokesperson for bullying.