Justin Bieber Makes $45,000 Per Month


Justin Bieber Vancouver Sun article: Was raised by a single mother with limited financial resources, Bieber is now a multimillionaire and likely to become much wealthier. Published estimates put his net worth at US$5.5 million and his earnings at $45,000 a month, but these figures seem low when one takes into account the volume of record sales, his concert earnings and his merchandising

.and endorsement income. Successful tours are money-spinners. Consider that Miley Cyrus averaged nightly box office of $1.2 million during her recent tour of 57 dates, and Jay-Z grossed more than $1 million per concert in his Blueprint 3 tour earlier this year. It goes without saying that some are more lucrative..

..than others. Lady Gaga brought in just $31 million from 106 concert dates. Using the more conservative assumption, Bieber should reap proceeds of roughly $22 million for his 75-city tour, given that he is playing some smaller venues. In Regina only 6,000 seats were available, with ticket prices at $45 and $65, making it tough to break $300,000 gross for the gig and turn a profit. Full article HERE.