Dylan & Cole Sprouse Vancouver Drama


Dylan & Cole returning to their hotel after getting chocolate milk in Vancouver. They were followed by a group of fangirls who were immediately kicked out by security once they got inside. The girls said that Dylan was rude to them & Cole told security they weren’t supposed to be there. Photos: Flynet.

  • xobrittany630

    First? :)

  • Anonymous18


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  • IHeartNewYork.

    Wow, so newsworthy.

  • Cyruslicious

    Why does Cole always have a disgusting look on his face. :l

  • jonn1

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  • xobrittany630

    I think they could have at least took a picture or have just said hi they didnt have to be rude.

  • jonn1
  • _liesyoutold

    Well, how can Dylan not be rude to them? ..they were all wearing Bustin Jieber shirts.

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  • xobrittany630

    I was first on 3 posts ayyee :) haha.

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  • that_boy_is_a_monster

    Slow news day, ehh OU?