Selena loves bargain shopping: ‘When it comes to shopping I love a bargain. I don’t usually spend over the $20 mark, which is around £15. & I feel so much better buying a top for $20 that isn’t so different from the one that costs $200.

It’s really rare that I buy something expensive, & if I do, I think about it over and over before splashing out. When you see me on the red carpet, I am usually in outfits that I’ve picked out and borrowed, and I probably won’t wear a second time, so I give them back. Normally they’re too expensive for me to own anyway.’

  • songwason
  • marissababyxo

    That’s rlly sweet! Nice to see that she isn’t a spoiled rich girl. I’m wondering where she gets her clothes at cuz she’s got rlly nice style. :)

  • teamnobody

    love her

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    Missed reading about her <3

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    first yey!11

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    Oceanup is working Yay!:D

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    oceanup loves putting that picture eh cant they put better ones

  • colorfulx

    I know this is random, but today’s Eminem’s birthday aka my husband, lover and sugar daddy haha.

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