Selena Gomez LE 6/9 NRJ INTERVIEW

  • DearTaylor

    Ha her no wanting to duet with Justin Bieber and Miley. “I don’t wanna ruin friendships.”

  • aaliyahnoelle

    ooooh french…

    as a french canadian i got quite excited LOL

  • StarStruck33

    No one on OUP

  • Feed Me

    I hate waiting for the translator on these things, very annoying. But was a good interview, a few different questions for a change.

  • Watch your back


  • cam

    there is my two best friend on the background the blond and the chinese it’s should have been me but i had admistration thing for the graduation! and the public question are fake my friend wanted to ask something else than if selena go to katy perry concert but it was really fun to watch ;-)

  • FallenAngel23

    that guy is a real perv i bet she was a little scared

  • songwason
  • Rachel77

    i didn’t watch the interview, but she is so cute and small hehe!