Spy Kids star Alexa Veg wed producer Sean Covel on Oct. 10 at the Homestake Opera House in Lead, South Dakota. She wore a strapless gown by Ian Stewart and more than $40,000 of Judith Ripka jewels, while her bridesmaids rocked chocolate color Jovani dresses.

In a magical setting designed by Jenny Lund at Table 4 Decor, Alexa and guests ate, danced and drank Svedka vodka cocktails. For a honeymoon, Alexa told Life & Style: ‘Sean and I had planned to take our motorcycles on a road trip. But Spy Kids called and they want me back to work ASAP. So we have to postpone the trip for a couple of months.’

  • gottahavegomez

    she was also in ruby and the rockets. :( i miss that show.

  • ADUBLove

    NO offencess but her hubsand is hecka ugly

  • _liesyoutold

    I saw her in Sleepover and Odd Girl Out! Omg. I can’t believe she’s already getting married.

  • Chelsea-Rose


  • rainbow3000

    the guy looks old…he’s 37.

  • Srahx3

    She’s Georges <3<3

  • Cesi.

    I do too remember her from Spy Kids. :)
    Congrats. ;)

  • taylorllama

    awww so beautiful.
    I remember that movie…

  • -Jenii

    aww… when I was younger, I LOVED the movies

    anyways…she looks gorgeous and I’m happy for her :)

  • juliesix

    how old is she?
    She looks to young to get married.

  • Bubbly-Joe

    Wasn’t she in sleepover? Becuase I adore that movie. :) She looks beautiful.

  • Uhuh

    She is like 22 & I dont like her dress..js

  • Allysonnn56

    She was in sleepover. And spykids want her back? Another movie? A little late.

  • muffy1013

    I didn’t even knew she was engaged yet married already v.v I’m behind

  • sophieee

    but she’s still just a spy kid… :/

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    I was about to say whos Alexa Vega when I saw Spy Kids, that always happen! Lmfao how old is she, she looks young, but shes beautiful anyway:)

  • Mafer Rodríguez-Lee

    she’s 22! why people get married so young? lol. for me she still is a spy kid :P