Via @LovatoFamilySup.

  • eddieSOUP

    She’s as yoked as Kyle Massey i hope they both become Spouses and enjoy soup on the weekends

  • reachforanydreamx

    light hair, dark hair; she looks great in both. love you demi(:

  • ADUBLove

    big bootie jootie!

  • never change

    luv ya dems =)

  • nemoh

    Noo. I liked her lighter hair so much better.

  • TeenageDream

    got rid of the Jonas highlights, eh?

    totally just kidding, :)
    love her hair dark and light, so either way is great.

  • springstrawberry

    No waaay ! Her hair were good just the way they were !

  • DavidArchiefan

    I still like her 2008 hair better

  • gingerrx.

    did she really dye her hair black again? yay, i really missed her black hair.

  • Watch your back

    I love her dairk hair :)

  • AntoineDodson

    I found you Miss New Booty ;)

  • star19

    She’s like “Ooh, take a pic. of my booty!” *poses*
    Haha. JK.

  • StarStruck33

    One Word= HOT

    Wow I’m obsessed with that word Today

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    hmm, i like her with brown hair, teh 2008 look <3 lol but whateverrr.

  • mels

    People always criticize her for being open about loving her curves and then working out all the time but my guess is she does strength training to build on her curves. I love that. Werrk, gurrl.

  • Drizzy

    Demi… I love you and all but your ass isn’t all that big
    so stop trying to hard haaa.


  • xxloverxx

    Finally black again Demi

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    Her ass looks freakin huge

    Oh man i loved her hair lighter

  • eddieSOUP

    you children are perverted perverts. please discuss important things like…SOUPIE<3

  • HoneyAnnyJ

    guys its old pic … please she wont dye her hair black she changed and new demi has lighter hair ….
    but if im wrong dont kill me its just my opinion …

  • QueenRoxxy

    yay. dark hair. :)

  • _liesyoutold

    Yes! Dark hair! <3

  • ClaireMichelle

    I love her hair dark.

  • Rainey

    she got a donk

  • TwiHard01

    Yeaah!!! I loved her in black hair :))

  • 143Miley

    She’s too orange. but i liked her better with light hair

  • dearstephh

    OKAY,so i don’t know wtf people want, she dyed it lighter & people bitched at her & this & that. now she dyed her hair black & everyone is like “awww i miss her lighter hair!” umm make up your minds. either way she’s beautiful.

  • Tina850

    my icon is sooo HOT<3

  • rainbow3000

    unflattering picture -_- im kinda embarassed for her. She and Jessica simpson has the same type of body…

  • superJOEman

    Welcome back Demi’s black hair!!!!! :D

  • famousforitalia

    she looks better with darker hair.

  • hello_lovely_much

    she got a donk!

  • rainbow3000

    Blah! She needs to delete her twitter like Miley did. When Miley say she doesn’t like the unwanted attention she meant it because she seriously deleted her twitter. Demi says fame is overwhelming blah blah blah but it looks like she’s asking for those unwanted hate comments by tweeting whatever she felt like at the moment. I feel it’s very hypocritical to complain about unwanted attention when you’re the one who’s asking for it. And yes OU, you’re gonna delete my comments 5 minutes later but I’m just gonna say what I feel

  • Simplycrazy247

    Demi Lovato is a hot-tottie.

  • Tina850

    ewww she’s fat but she thinks she’s pretty lmao:P

  • pop ate my heart

    Lighter hair FTW.
    And guurl has a badonkadonk.

  • adw014

    I hope this a old picture cuz i lyke really like the lighter hair .

  • Untouchable

    she dyed it back cool..demi you should try red like rihanna..huh? huh?

  • unique

    im not sure about this she dyed he hair black, either way i still love demi! go demi!!

  • unique

    im not sure about this she dyed he hair black, either way i still love demi! go demi!!

  • bum2chair

    It doesn’t really look black to me in this pic it looks more dark brown… I liked her dark brown hair. I hope it is :)

  • bum2chair


  • bum2chair


  • bum2chair


  • Iriina

    sexi Demi? =)

  • Iriina

    I’m wondering who took this pic =D

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved her light hair.

  • Iriina

    oh I was first and second.

  • HoneyAnnyJ

    i dont think its new photo … im sure she has light hair …

  • peacelovehearts

    I kinda liked her lighter hair, but whatever :P

  • DavidArchiefan


  • Leontienjonas

    DAT ASS.
    but i am sure that this is an old picture.

  • mels

    Aww how cute :) booty booty booty! haha