Joe Jonas Ashley Greene Urban Meeting


From Kayla: My friend Amy and I were shopping at Urban Outfitters on October 19 and guess who we ran into.. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene.. they were being so cute and sweet together. They were super nice when we asked for a picture.

More JASHLEY fan meeting pix HERE! Credit: Mylitanny.

  • Feed Me

    Another Urban Outfitters post, come on, that horse is dead stop beating it.

  • ItsBlairWaldorf

    I promise if i ever ran into these two i would say something along the lines of “Oh. You two again.” In complete disdain.

    Gosh that was mean. Oh well.

  • Jaded2all

    I don’t see how they are different than any other couple that has included Joe in the past. The other difference now is that people want to take pictures with them and he will do it. That doesn’t sound love, that sounds like a fame whore.

  • Hibz.

    It’s actually really cool that shes not wearing makeup.
    I really don’t see many celebs do that.

    I don’t wear it either, but this post isn’t about me LOL!

  • taylorllama

    lol ashley doesn’t look too great.

  • superJOEman

    My baby looks so cute on the first picture. And on the second picture, looks like he was shocked and not yet ready for the picture. :D

  • Untouchable

    whoa..ashley my eyes.. i did not need to see you like this..


    Jonas Brothers have always said they like natural beauty.
    Ashley is a confident, smart girl. Joseph Adam Jonas is in love.

  • IfUSeekBritney

    Dont like her at all. :/

  • Entertainmentlove

    slow down on the ashley joe posts we get it they are dating its cute, but there is more news OU this cant be all


    Aww :)

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    aw, and wow she’s not wearing makeup? that’s what makes them so real.

  • Jaymee__x

    Ashley looks beautiful :)


    putlimeinthecoconut said:

    aw, and wow she’s not wearing makeup? that’s what makes them so real.
    I was going to write the same thing.

    Beautiful couple.

  • Watch your back


  • Katie13

    Honestly, I’ve never like Ashley, I’ve disliked her since Twilight but because she makes Joe so happy she’s slowly starting to grow on me

  • Anonymous25

    they look like a married couple already…lol

  • AlwaystheTruth

    aww I love them!
    beautiful couple.

  • foxface87

    Aw why so cute..and people say they are being rude to fans…smh

    Ashley has always been so chill, she doesn’t feel the need to be all done up..not even when she’s with her boyfried. Bet Joe loves that about her ;)