Taylor Swift VIVA LA VIDA Coldplay Cover

‘Mine‘ under! Featured in Chicago Tribune. Taylor will perform at CMA Awards on Nov. 20. She told People that she can handle people’s negative comments, but they still hurt: ‘I don’t have thick skin. I feel everything. I know what it’s like to be standing on a little tiny stage at the local garden party, and this guy who’s

Been bullying me all year walks by and starts staring and screaming up at the stage, and heckling.. ‘Mean’ is about bullying at a different stage in my life. I’m not at school and I still know what it feels like. I’m very happy to say I have many more great and good days than I have bad days. That’s the goal and I’m going to keep that as the goal, and we’ll see what happens.’

  • putlimeinthecoconut
  • xoxfiaxox

    Yeah, well people in the U.K, she is a favourite to win the X -Factor but i want One Direction, love them :)

  • Hollieluvsux

    putlimeinthecoconut said:


    ^^ has anyone seen this? (:

    She annoys the hell out of me ..

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    SHIT. that was bad. BAD. poor chris martin…

  • jeffhardy
  • Untouchable

    i love this song so much…:0

  • milenator

    that wasnt that bad i thought she would ruin the song

  • lalalove

    She’s just amazing!
    I love her so much! x

  • eddieSOUP

    eating soup and listenin to this is the best! my grandpa is neighbors wih t.swift and she bought him a mustang…full of soup!

  • Entertainmentlove

    eddieSOUP said:
    wow you love soup

  • GabriellaS

    @eddiesoup Why do you always talk about your grandma and soup??

    P.s she was amazing!


    Whoaa not baad :O!

  • Feed Me

    She sounds good, not a Taylor or Coldplay fan but this is not bad.

  • VIVA glam

    i don’t think her voice fits the song, but it wasn’t terrible. all i’m saying is, she’s done better.

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    i fucking love this song, i hope she did it justice.

  • Dont Judge

    This is what’s considered good singing these days? Music is DEAD.

  • GabriellaS

    This is what’s considered good singing these days? Music is DEAD.

    No point in that comment? Why would you want to start something negative?