Kevin Jonas Texas Home FOR SALE


Kevin & Danielle Jonas listed their Westlake, Texas mansion. The mansion is in the Vaquero development. The Jonas home was built in 2004 and the couple bought the home last year soon after their wedding.

3-bedroom home is on .71 acre that includes an outdoor kitchen and a pool and spa with fountains. French doors open up to courtyards with multiple fountains and water features including a lily pond. The home has an open floor plan.

Luxurious ark wood, stone, wrought iron and granite countertops contribute to the faux Tuscan feel. The home is on the golf course and comes with a $175,000 golf membership is included in sales price. It is listed at $2.2 million.

  • Hilary


  • thedarksunshine

    Hold shit-talking mushrooms that’s a nice house. O.O Those Jonases have excellent taste in houses.

  • zebragiraffe

    meanwhile in a third-world country………..

  • MelJBHSfan

    i want to buy this house <3
    it’s gorgeous . <3

  • GeralLara

    I’m speechless. WOW :|

    Can anyone borrow me 2 million dollars please? hahaha:D I so want that house:(

  • Deeasmile34

    This house is amazing!!

  • reachforanydreamx

    wow; i love that house.

  • lovehearts

    lemme just get the 2 million dollars out of my bank account.
    i wish.

  • VIVA glam

    oh my gosh. that house is freakin beautiful. why would they sell it?

  • never change

    whoa that’s a big house

  • Dinoluverrr

    Wow I live Texas :D
    I soo wanna buy that house xD

  • superJOEman

    Why are they selling it? It was like a dream house for everyone!!! I am super loving it.

  • misscherie13


  • joesgirlforver

    I just fell in love with this house. Why are they leaving it? There is plenty of room in the house for them to start a family there.

  • urluvismydrugg

    who would EVER want to move out of a house like THAT?

  • xSweetCandyxx

    that’s the house i wouldn’t mind living in it..

  • realistgangsta


  • crazylady

    why do houses always seem to look small from the outside?

  • Dumsterrr ?

    They have a beautiful house! My mom would totally buy it if we were moving to Texas, but we’re not. xD

  • HiddenSmile

    Holy crap, that master bathroom is like the size of my entire house.

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    im gonna buy it, lmfao jkjk, but odnfjdnfvyufdj KEVIN WHY? its beautiful *.*

  • IHeartNewYork.

    That is one sexy house.

  • Timber

    That house is beautiful.

  • Becca.

    I wanna live there! It’s beautiful, why would they want to sell it?!

  • TheoryoftheLife

    how they will sell this house?!!!!!!!!!!!! are you madd?!

  • Hibz.

    That house is so pretty. Wow.

  • taylorllama

    that’s my dream house…

  • natjbguitargirl

    first oh wow why are they selling that beautiful house

  • Rainey

    maybe their moving to nj to start a family :D

  • Rainey

    maybe their moving to nj to start a family :D

  • elliesaur

    Why would they sell that beauty? D:
    But if I could pull 2 million dollars out of my pocket right now and buy it, I would… (:

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    i don’t really compliment houses often but um woowww lmao.

  • Rebecca42897

    I live in the same neighborhood as them, and I’ve met them many times. They’re really nice and aren’t there as much as they were right when they bought it. I was really sad when I found out about them moving, I really liked the idea of living that close to a celebrity.

  • Entertainmentlove

    natjbguitargirl said:

    first oh wow why are they selling that beautiful house
    maybe bieber bankrupt them

  • IfUSeekBritney

    My sister was actually thinking of buying this,Like my dad will actually give you that much of his money Em. :/

  • w

    No 3 BEDROOM home should ever cost 2.2 million. JS.

  • iheartgreen17

    My thoughts exactly :P and really, a $175,000 golf membership? Why on earth would a golf membership cost that much, I don’t care how nice the course is.

  • LizzieHawkins

    Nice house

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