David & new girl holding hands @ Las Palmas nightclub. PacificCoastNews.

Video under!

  • rainbow3000

    He doesn’t look like he’s having fun in the video. Maybe because Selena isn’t there…lol kid.

  • HBIC

    lol @ the video. He’s surrounded by girls in underwear and whatnot and he looks bored out of his mind.

  • realistgangsta

    they both ugly next

  • taylorllama

    oh gosh.

  • thedarksunshine

    she looks like Lucy.. -.- really David?

  • TraceSTAN

    crazylady said:

    heh wow the look on his face. he’s just like “duhhh….”
    that’s his everyday face. I’m sure he is not as stupid as he ALWAYS looks, that would be impossible, but I can’t get over his “stupid” looking face.

  • hollywoodgirl

    is she like 10 years old?

  • Blankes

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  • superJOEman

    Lucky girl!!!!!!!!!

  • TraceSTAN

    What happened to Greg, did they break up?

  • Feed Me

    Yeah to Dregg, I like them

  • Tina850

    omg that girl looks like a man lolz

  • Hilary

    Addio Delena.

  • peacefuldancerxo

    I don’t know why, but the girl reminds me of Lucy Hale. Thick, brown eyebrows, brown/black hair, heart-shaped face… Guess David isn’t over Lucy…

  • BelieveInOreos

    OU is so dead!
    Come and party with me on Koini!


  • Cant Be Tamed xD

    Eww she’s SO UGLY. :\ I mean.. nobody’s perfect. I’m not very beautiful ,too. But ..she’s.. ew.. :\. I mean.. Lucy or Selena are better.

  • hithere

    she is pretty, but doesnt seems like his type of girl.. idk

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    She looks like Lucy… SMH.
    It’s probably some girl he picked up.

  • iheartgreen17

    Are you serious? She’s really pretty. She reminds me a little of Pocahontas.

  • copymonster

    I’m not feeling her -__-

  • mileyluver15

    she looks like lucy or selena..

    uhh he deff likes girls that have black hair lol

  • hollywoodgirl

    ^ that would be brown, not black.

  • CoolerThanU

    She looks nothing like Lucy Hale…. :\
    Anyway she’s really pretty and he’s hot. End of.
    Why does he insist on wearing a shirt though?

  • ImNotAnnoying2.0

    Eh….she’s not the prettiest.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    maybe he has a type?!

  • rainbow3000

    Not that pretty? C’mon so what? She’s probably like an animal on bed maybe that’s why he picked her. It’s not like Selena’s willing to do anything in bed with him which is kinda sad because I like “Delena” :P

  • Ginger

    wtf? David is not some manwhore.

  • Anonymous


  • VIVA glam

    she looks like lucy lmao

    i’m bored. OU is dead.

  • heartinvasion?


  • idkMyBFFjill

    oh em gee her eyes are gorgeous -__-

  • MileyDemiJoBros

    Lucky Bitch

  • crah

    she looks kinda ugly.

  • Feed Me

    why do they even bother with him, irrelevant.

  • rainbow3000

    David is hot! I can understand why she would date him :)

  • crazylady

    heh wow the look on his face. he’s just like “duhhh….”

  • stepponme

    VIVA glam said:
    she looks like lucy lmao

    I was thinking the same thing!!!