Hannah I Don’t Think There Can Be An Us

  • ADUBLove

    i have obviously not been watching these hannah montana forever episodes cuz i didnt even know jesse and hannah/miley/whatever the fuck she is was together.

  • CupcakezLover

    iLoveChimpanzee said:

    jesse >>> jake
    AMEN. :) Jake is a dousche.

  • Chanells__Cool

    Drew. Is. BEAUTIFUL.

  • marissababyxo

    Love it!! Can’t wait till the whole episode comes out!!!

  • hithere


  • blabla

    no jake? -.-‘

  • Entertainmentlove

    this is so dumb why is hannah ending becaus of jesse then they could just use jake

  • iLoveChimpanzee

    jesse >>> jake

  • wtfbecca

    blabla said:
    no jake? -.-‘


    jake cheated on miley. so yea, no jake.

  • xRawwr

    He’s too damn sexy! So i guess this is it. I’m sure i’ll cry when Hannah ends!

  • blabla

    jake cheated on miley. so yea, no jake.
    oh season 3 is still running on german TV so I didn’t know :D

  • realistgangsta

    love it