Taylor Momsen Asked About Breast Flash

She is so cute and unaffected by the paparazzi.

  • mels

    I was thinking it said that she flashed the paparazzi at first. lol I don’t know why. I was like man…this chick really loves her boobs! haha But I must say, I do find myself liking her a lot nowadays.

  • BelieveInOreos

    I like her :) She’s cool with me!

  • EverythingYoureNot

    Love her :)

  • angie2much

    she’s nothing like the bubbly Lil J I saw on Gossip Girl last nite. LOL! She didn’t turn trashy until she started her band. I guess people think being a rock star means bearing much skin as u can hold and writing songs about death, sexing a priest, and mixing drugs. SMH.

  • Britini95

    “do you think flashing a younger audience is inappropriate?”

    WTF? If they are at a Prettty Reckless concert they shouldn’t be young. And flashing an audience period isn’t okay, not matter who it is or how old they are. She acted as if they weren’t there! For some reason, I was expecting her to go off on them! I’ve always loved Taylor despite all the unnessisary craziness(I think it’s cuz I’m such a fan of her music) and I always will! Glad to see others are warming up to her :)

  • andrewpeter05


  • iLoveChimpanzee

    i like her.

  • TwiHard01

    Omg paps are so annoying!!
    But they do have a point
    flashing an younger audience is not
    But good Taylor!!
    She didnt even bother!!

  • mileyluver15

    how is she cute? more like a devil.
    OU you amuse me not..

  • hotlikemexico

    Jerks. :/

  • ellelovesjonas

    I love her! She just doesn’t think. She’s a teenager, she can do whatever the fuck she wants.
    Props to you ms momsen >:D

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    She’s pretty cool, love her attitude towards the paps.

  • Entertainmentlove

    taylor how are your boobs
    Taylor: my boobs my boobs my boobs are oke no matter what you say my boobs are oke
    RANDOM !!

  • TraceSTAN

    if anyone cares, she does not answer or talk at all. they just ask the question.

  • Anonymous18


  • peacelovehearts

    Rofl, i love Taylor xD

  • springstrawberry

    OU, tell me HOW is she cute ?

  • GoldenGal9311

    Wow, she really doesn’t “fucking care”.

    Props though for holding her composure.

  • PrettyYoungThing

    Okay so.. ?

  • sophieee

    show me you titays.