• AmuHinamori

    She looks heavenly. I wish I had her hair :). I hate my hair. I’m a black girl, and I have kinky hair. I hate it so much. The weird thing is that I used to like my hair a lot.

    Her eyes are so big.

  • AmuHinamori

    I love her! Her hair is gorgeous and her eyes are so big and pretty. I wish I had her hair. I have afro-textured hair, and I hate it.

  • Tina850

    ewww she is hideous & fat lolz

  • EverythingYoureNot

    Tina850 said:

    ewww she is hideous & fat lolz


    don’t talk about yourself like that… smh.

    she is so pretty <3

  • Chelsea-Rose

    As much as she annoys me, her hair is stunning here.

  • TraceSTAN

    Not sure why I find her annoying.

  • _liesyoutold

    She’s gawjuss.