• SupDoc

    what the hell is she saying in the beginning..? o.O

  • Blankets

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  • Libelinha

    Demi is hilarious here! She seemes relaxed and having fun. Glad to see that smile of happiness again.
    She also looks so good in this natural look. Definitelly she is naturally beautiful.
    And I would love if Nick showed us that video of Demi ziplining…
    Ps: There’s nothing wrong you her eyebrows, you just can’t find other thing to criticize in this video, so you talk about her eyebrows. Pathetic.

  • oceanUP.


  • rainbow3000


  • Voice of reason

    Her eyebrows are all pencil now..

  • rainbow3000

    is her hair shorter now?

  • Anonymous25

    awww Nick was filmed her….
    I seriously think Nick has a big crush on her somehow…

  • sexxynickj

    I adore Demi and I like this guy Quddus too. I think they would make a cute couple!

  • urluvismydrugg

    her eyebrows are just TOO perfect. so that makes them ugly.

  • unique

    Demi’s sooo cute here, love her always!!

  • Dont Judge

    She is hilarious. I would be scared. What if they just get stuck?! I really wouldnt take the risk. And omg. Nick <3 Cute.