Greyson Chance DEBUT SINGLE


Greyson Chance is set to premiere his debut single Waiting Outside the Lines, Oct. 26 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Greyson: ‘I’m so excited for everyone to hear my first single.

This song comes from the heart and I hope and pray that my fans can use it to ‘escape’ from all of the pressures of life. I can not wait for everyone to take this journey with me.’

  • TraceSTAN

    I for one welcome our new “Bieber Clone” overlords.

  • trinitaa

    just hope he doesn’t become the next “justin bieber”, one it’s enough, the world doesn’t need another


    omfg, someone change his hair.
    we cnt have all these biebs.

  • Feed Me

    I have still never heard this guy sing, the whole thing reminded me of Biebs too much. Maybe I should give him a listen.

  • BrokenBlackKeys

    He is so talented! I love this song!!

    I don’t get why people compare him to Bieber. Greyson’s three years younger, and a lot more talented. Plus, Greyson has a different style of music than what Justin does. Just because they basically have the same hairstyle does not mean that they are alike.

  • LalalandYEAH

    He follows the world on twitter..JS
    plus in 5 years we are gonna need nannies for the superstars and fans are gonna throw baby bottles instead of bras..

  • urluvismydrugg

    the last thing we need is bieber 2.0

  • Dinoluverrr

    Why are people sayign hes hot? O__o
    Hes not that cute…but I think hes a Bieber wannabe

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    He’s so cute.
    Personally, I think he’s better than Justin, js.

  • wtfbecca

    Fucking hell, they keep getting younger and younger.

  • BangThatDrum

    He’s following me on twitter just saying ^^ lolz

  • bouncing wiff Miley.

    wow. since justin bieber is famous,everybody wants to be like him. cuz they think they’ll be loved by 7528578452942 girls like the bieber kid.

  • Disdain

    OMG I LOVE HIM <333

    He follows me on Twitter too :) We’re the same age and everything :D

  • Disdain

    OMG I LOVE HIM <333

    He follows me on Twitter too :) We’re the same age and everything :D

  • Disdain


    OU can you delete both of my previous comments? :P

  • trinitaa

    OMG!!! i love him, he has so much talent
    he follows me on twitter too :E

  • _liesyoutold

    Awh, he’s so mine.

  • lioness

    bieber clones showing up everywhere oO