Nick Jonas For National Diabetes Month

nickfamily-2November is National Diabetes Month and it is also the fifth anniversary of Nick Jonas finding out that he was battling type 1 diabetes. Nick chatted with Family Circle about his condition: At first I was afraid. I didn’t know if I was going to die. But once I realized the disease can be managed, I started to feel better.. Getting diabetes gave me an opportunity to inspire people who may be feeling the way

I felt when I first got diagnosed, unsure and alone. I want adults and kids to know that there are new tools that make living with the disease easier than ever. For example, I love using Bayer’s USB contour meter. It tracks my blood sugar for me and plugs into my computer, so I can send my numbers electronically to my doctor or whoever needs to see them.

Awkward telling friends you are diabetic? I’m not ashamed. It’s not something I could have helped or even something I want to hide. It has become a part of my everyday life and a part of who I am. Being honest about the disease with people who are close to me is key to being comfortable with it myself.

Anyone else in your family have diabetes? Actually, yes. I’ve never talked about this before, but my grandfather was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was such a shock. First I felt sad for him, because it’s not something that’s fun to live with, but he’s strong enough to get through it. Now that I know a lot about diabetes, I can help him. We were always close, but sharing this disease makes me feel connected to him in a different way.

What advice would you give to kids living with diabetes? Rely on others. You can be the most independent person in the world, but if you ever need help, don’t be afraid to say so. Is it hard juggling acting and two bands?

Nah, it’s fun. My goal is just to stay true to myself. I was starting to write songs that were stylistically different than Jonas Brothers music, so I ventured out with the Administration to see where it takes me. So far it’s been a gratifying experience.

What’s planned next for you and your brothers? It’s all up in the air right now. But there will be a lot coming from the Jonas family in 2011, whether it’s stuff we’re doing together or separately, so look out for it!

  • sttefy

    so sweete….como siempre Nick tan lindo… sobre todo que es muy maduro para la edad que tiene…. y por eso le doy gracias a Dios…???

  • crazylady

    I looove his shirt.
    on topic, my aunt found out a few weeks ago that she has type 2

    some weird ass said she thinks its sexy that nick has Diabetes

    da hell?

  • Untouchable

    nick my friend, you should wear blue more often

  • mimi



    I cannot wait for 2011.
    Just hope that they go back to their original sound. Their 2nd album owned. So many classics.

    Oh and Joseph Adam Jonas with his solo album.


    I hope Disney is batshit crazy over Jashley.

    Say goodbye to Camp Rock.

    Oh how rebel of you Joe ;)

  • smilezbear

    Nick is so amazing. :)
    I am honestly hoping for a new NJ&TA album soon, but I don’t know when it would be because he’s been so busy lately and all…

    Still… :D

    And this is why Nick Jonas is so amazing!


    And Nick too.

    State Of emergency ;)

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    Love him!!

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    WOW!!! He does look good in blue. But he looks better in ORANNNNNNGE:D

  • obsessed

    I’ll show you a passionate fan, you smexy db.

  • Hibz.

    Apparently type 2 diabetes runs in my family as well.
    My grandpa and a couple of uncles have it.

    Wonder if I’ll get it too :/

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  • VIVA glam

    that’s sweet, but i feel like i’ve read this before. or maybe he just says the same things every time ?

  • Anonymous2011

    now i’m excited about 2011, can’t wait to see what they come out with!! honestly i don’t care if it’s them together or separately – i know i’ll like anything they put out. i just hope one of those projects is from kevin – i am eagerly awaiting a side project from him:-)

  • Entertainmentlove

    some weird ass said she thinks its sexy that nick has Diabetes

  • Anonymous18

    Entertainmentlove said:

    some weird ass said she thinks its sexy that nick has Diabetes


  • peaceandlove.

    Entertainmentlove said:

    some weird ass said she thinks its sexy that nick has Diabetes

    Oh my god.

  • Anonymous2011

    Entertainmentlove said:

    some weird ass said she thinks its sexy that nick has Diabetes

    that’s definitely weird!!

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    He’s looking mighty fine <3

  • StillLovingNickJ

    AGREED 100%!!!

  • xxbehappyxx

    does he get paid for all the publicity for Bayer?

  • freegirl

    he’s amazing!

    i hope he’ll realize another njata album soon